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Halo 4 Release Party Ideas/Suggestions


So, Halo four is coming up soon, and many of us will be gathered at gamestores and wal-marts around the globe waiting for the midnight release. So, why not make it interesting with a little party while you guys wait? Or celebrate with your friends while you all play! Here are some suggestions as to what you can bring to a Halo 4 Release Party.


1. Mountain Dew Game Fuel Popsicles:


All you need for this are some ice-cube trays and some toothpicks, or you can go all out and get the full fledged popsicle kit from somewhere. All you need to do to make these is get some Mtn Dew GF and put it in an ice-cube tray. Then, using twisty ties, finnagle the toothpicks into an arrangement that matches the ice-cube tray and won't fall over. Then, pop the flavorful contraption into the freezer for a few hours, and bip bop bam you got some popsicles.


2. Halo 4 Cake:


This will take a bit of planning. All you need is an image that you like from Halo 4 and a Wal-Mart or bakery. Go to the bakery and pick out a cake you like, and then ask them if they can put the image onto the cake for you. It might take a day or two, so do it early on in the week that H4 comes out! Now you've got a cake that celebrates Halo 4! :D


3. Chocolate and Monster:


You will want plenty of caffeine to stay up late playing Halo 4. So, buy a couple of boxes of Monster and some Snickers or Hersheys. You can mix and match (i.e. get Red Bull and Wonka Bars instead), but the point is you are going to want some mad energy. Careful not to get it on your controllers though!


4. Invitations:


It isn't a party without people, and you've gotta invite people before they'll show up (unless you are immensely popular), so why not go the extra mile and get some H4 party invitations made up? You can get these online, make your own, or go to an office supply store (i.e. staples and the like) and get these done.



What are some of your ideas for a Halo 4 Release Party? :D

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