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I feel like 343 should make another game with noble six. Noble six is the strongest MK III spartan and I feel there should be more games with him in it. 343 should make an offshoot series of halo following six instead of chief. They could have a system similar to call of duty modern warfare and black ops, where one is more realistic. They could have noble 6 loose his helmet, explaining the final scene in reach. Afterwards, being pissed off, he boards a covenant ship and starts going crazy slaughtering covenant, similar to doom. He would have no contact with anybody he just starts killing covenant. Maybe he could also have a moment where he meets Cortana, but briefly. It could be an alternate timeline or something, too. I feel like the community would seriously appreciate a Noble 6 game, and people would buy that game up like crazy. I took a lot of inspiration from this idea from a video on youtube called “ghost of reach trailer,” in which a fan is creating a 30 minute movie on this. Lastly, I was also thinking six could be captured by an absolute crapload of elites, and manage to take down another elite while being in prison, causing his execution. And if the whole offshoot series is a little much(which it is) even a single game with six would be a dream come true. 

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