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  1. Lurker here, imma say no. The community was and still is super nostalgic and view Halo as a declining series when in actuality I'd say this is the most active I've ever personally seen it, 343i really got in tune where they needed to and especially with this last update and (the Reach one?) was very well received (from what I've heard). The forge is damn amazing and multiplayer is everything I'd want when I played in Reach but honestly I can't say I enjoy it. I think it has something to do with a learning curve. I'm a casual gamer in every regard if something takes effort or skill I'm basically out. There has to be some enjoyment in the "work" of playing a game for me to really get into something. So, the campaign kinda sucked so I haven't wanted to replay it much so that whole chunk of the game is kind of gone to me. Forge is amazing, but in order to just place a block the menus and options are too bloated to make anything casual. The gameplay for multiplayer is pretty damn fast, and I enjoy it when I want to play something actiony but chances are if I'm finishing up classes or work that's not the first thing I want to do. I'm invested in the series because I really like where it's going and I am genuinely happy that the current fans are happy with this game, but right now it's just not for me. But also I'd like to point out I raged-quit while playing H3 today so there's nothing really new here either. I just want to see a serious ease-of-use overhaul for forge, I used to be able to just place blocks and build something with no forethought but I've been trying passively for over a year with no luck. On that thought the UI designer in me is very salty about ease of use. Incrementing and decrementing through 256 colors is just terrible, A+B for ascending and descending is very counter intuitive, and selecting with a bumper are you forreal. But I'm happy with where everything is overall and can't wait to observe how things change. tl;dr it's harddddddddddddd
  2. https://youtu.be/u52ySLTgfhU?t=22m15s So I was watching through the Halo CE developer commentary when I came across this interesting bit. Sounds real familiar, what do you think?
  3. Hello everyone, If you know what Forge Cafe is was, please participate in this discussion on DesCaf for the potential to reopen the site: http://www.destinycafe.net/topic/1032-forge-cafe-will-it-happen/ All opinions are welcome (Short post, sorry, not much else to add ) Cheers
  4. ^^^^^^^^Don't forget though that Bungie did include the terminals....
  5. Bungie very much cared for the lore, they care for a lot of the lore they write just look at what they did for Destiny. The difference is that Bungie was trying to steer the lore in one way and the novels more or less hijacked the universe (strong word but hear me out). I have a huge respect for 343i because they went through and honored all that the lore-community provided, but I also have a big respect fro Bungie because they had an idea for the universe and they really wanted to stick with it. Example of how the universe has changed: -Bungie's original lore was going to lead to the Forerunners to be revealed simply as advanced humans, and the modern humans being direct descendants of them This is why 343 GS says "You ARE Forerunner" to Master Chief in Halo 3. It was 343i decision to make the two races completely different and go in that direction instead (there is a twitter conversation that backs me up, I can source it if you want) 343i decided to pay very careful attention to what the fanbase had already written and expand the universe in the direction the fans were moving it. However it's a bit rude to say Bungie did not care for the lore because of games>novels. It's not lazy it's called steering your own series because that's the way they wanted it and had planned it before the full unraveling of the series. They had good ideas for where to go, but if they had to go through and honor all the new externally written stuff they might have to redo an entire set of endings just because an author or two wanted to take over. I should also note that 343i could spare an entirely separate department for the lore and did a neat way of wrapping up (most) loose ends. Neither way is wrong, just a different way off handling it.
  6. I'm aware he's not, but he spelled it out as simple as it could be for his viewers, and I found a few comments on a different video basically with the same idea. EDIT: someone also pointed out: " You are the child of my makers. Inheritor of all they left behind. You ARE Forerunner... but this ring is MINE! "- 343 Guilty Spark, Halo 3
  7. Hey all, Let me say I could've completely missed this discussion and this is probably old hat but I found this video: I didn't quite believe it so I went back to the original cutscene and.... #blownaway Yeah, this was about a year ago, but I would love discussions if a topic does not already exist, didn't find anything sooo.... Idk I've been very out of the loop lately please love me
  8. I dont think they ~ruined~ it, but they definitely took a lot of liberties in the way they held the series, essentially they took what was in the Bungie-halo universe and fluffed it into the 343-halo universe. IMO the feel of the halo universe drastically changed when 343 and Bungie traded hands, I sorta feel like their atmospheres are very different in nature (post-Halo 4 feels rather comic booky if you know what I mean by that). Do I like the new atmosphere? Well, tbh I don't dislike it, but it certainly isn't the same halo feel that got me into the series. What I absolutely don't like is the way 343i ignored the existing halo communities and existing halo content, and only focused on what they could create or what became new around the time of Halo 4. That isn't the right way to handle it, when you are given a fictional universe to guide you shouldnt make your own path you should stick to what was already there and continue it as best as you can. tl;dr 343i isn't doing a bad job, but they are handling things differently than Bungie handled it, and unfortunately we were expecting the later. On the topic of Bungie, I wanna say they bit off a bit more than they could chew when it comes to Destiny. I have a feeling a lot of the DLC and lesser appreciated elements were pushed by Activision to get a working game out on time. Sorta like what happened with Halo 2 except Halo 2 came out much better.
  9. X51000

    GTA V Crews?

    Hey all, Not too sure where to leave this, but lately I've been hella on GTA V. So, I am looking for a crew, preferably to help me clear dailies and carry out heists. Anyone know of a decent, laid back crew I can contact? [filler conversation so this op doesn't look bare] Almost forgot, I play on Xbox One.
  10. Answer: they're both true and it depends on how you play the campaign, i know 343 was trying to make the campaign a little more interesting this time around. It seems like the exact kind of half-answer that they would throw out there EDIT: or what Dan said Question: wtf happened to make locke try to kill chief? He seemed more genuine in Nightfall, and the arbiter was suppose to just be looking for Master Chief not trying to kill him (that would be a weird break in character for the both of them) Speculation: (prolly not true but idea nonetheless) Maybe John got a little [angry] at the covenant and he ended up causing the war between humans and covenant to continue, leading to the arbiter sending out locke to kill Master Chief in hopes of renewing a common alliance between the humans and the covenant before they destroy each other (only to end up they have the same common enemy (lol does this make sense)) EDIT: I ALMOST FORGOT someone pointed out that Locke's visor is broken in one of the trailers: His shields are frozen and says he's holding a BR when he's actually holding a DMR (or vice versa I can't remember)
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