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Found 6 results

  1. I don't see a lot of topics on Invasion anymore. I was actually upset when i found out that it'd be absent in Halo 4, but either way, do you think invasion will make a return in Halo 5 ? Personally, i really liked it. That was the only game mode i played with the exception of Big team Battle and Team Slayer. But, the only thing Halo 4 did that somewhat resembled Invasion was create Dominion and i still felt as if it wasn't enough, but i took what i could get, and now, it's gone, i can't even play that, hah. Being big on Battlefield, i really grow bored of a game if i don't exactly have an objective. In fact, now that i think of it, Invasion was like Battlefield's RUSH game mode. But, that's besides the point. Anywho, do you guys think invasion would make a return in Halo 5 ?
  2. Finally we can play Halo 4 monster trucks game mode. File share has been up for awhile now and I have played all kinds of custom games now. Here is some gameplay of some fails in monster trucks if you want to check that out. Any suggestions on monster trucks maps? We made some of our own and downloaded a few.
  3. Hey guys, check out my newest video of The Flood gametype on Abandon! Action packed with a SICK last man standing OVERKILL at the end! Listen as I go through great tips on the gametype and loadouts! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJypXWWWG38 Maqboul!
  4. I was thinking since the Mantis is confirmed to be in Matchmaking http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/14512-ragnarok-and-mantis-trailer/?do=findComment&comment=155800, there should be a mode called 'Prey Mantis'. What is that you say? A survival game. Here is how it goes. 1-2 players are randomly chosen to be in a Mantis and hunting down other players in the Mantis in a survival type mode. They can destroy the Mantis' or either hide. Players that aren't in the Mantis get increased movement speed. Loadouts picked specifically for this game type and no custom loadouts. There will be no place a mantis can't get to places, would be unfair for the player(s) to win the match because someone can't be killed. Recent ideas: Non Mantis players will have a Thrusterpack, Active Camo and Regeneration Field to choose from. Give me your opinions on this, submit your own and thanks for reading!
  5. Update: I mailed these ideas to 343 Industries themselves! FloodFight: I think there should be a new version of FireFight called Flood Fight. Where you square off in survival against waves of Flood. A re-imagination of Firefight, or kind of like Halo: CEA'S Mission: The Library. It could also maybe become a New Infection Gametype, where players square off 8v8. One team are players who spawn as Flood Forms who try to Infect you. While the other team are players who spawn as Spartans trying to Survive until the Round is Over. A good idea in the comments was: ODST Playlist: An idea of mine, is to make a new Playlist called "ODST". Where it is basically the same as regular matchmaking, but everyone are ODST's. The health system would be based off the game Halo: 3 ODST. And maybe when the Game starts, You and your team spawn in Drop-Pods. I think that would be pretty epic. Here are some Game-Types I came up with: ODST Team Slayer - 4v4 Slayer ODST Rumble Pit - Free for All ODST CTF - 4v4 Capture the Flag ODST FireFight - Classic Firefight ODST Swat - 4v4 Team Swat with the Killer ODST Magnum It seems like it would create and attract a New Halo Fan-Base. And suit some of the Halo Universe who love the playing style of Halo 3: ODST, more than regular Halo. It would create a whole new community, and you could play something a little different if you ever got bored of playing as a spartan in Multi-Player. All 343i would have to do is make a custom gametype for the Game Mode. As for having your guy look like an actual ODST.. It would be fairly simple. Just make a 3rd species preference. Its just like how you can choose between playing as a spartan or an Elite, except that you can only use it in the ODST Playlist.
  6. I love firefight but I want the classic ODST style where all you had was you, your friends and a lot of SMG's. All I see when I play firefight now is a bunch of people using jet packs and rocket launchers. I just want a one where you need to have a plan. I know that not that many people out there would like this but I think it would be a good idea.
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