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Found 11 results

  1. Every single time I play Halo 5 now when I play team arena or big team battle it is very uneven the amount of times I play strongholds. I play strongholds probably 90 percent of the time when I play either of those game types. The algorithm that decides that needs to be changed (fixed) or separate servers should be set-up for capture the flag/ strong holds/ etc. Another issue I keep seeing is multiple maps will be played in row and I wish it was easier to change the map. Maybe where you can vote to change the map. Maybe not vote on a specific map but just to simply change the map to another map because I just played the previous map. I also seem to see some maps not getting chosen as much in the "slayer" rotation (the rig being one of them in particular). Is anyone else fed up with this? I would really like to be able to play capture the flag more than once every 50 games on arena or big team. thanks.
  2. Hi everyone! This is a request for 343i so they bring back elites to Halo 5 multiplayer, both Spartans vs Elites and Elites vs Elites matches... as well as bringing back the game type Headhunter from Reach to Halo 5, that would be really awesome!!! Please 343
  3. Finally we can play Halo 4 monster trucks game mode. File share has been up for awhile now and I have played all kinds of custom games now. Here is some gameplay of some fails in monster trucks if you want to check that out. Any suggestions on monster trucks maps? We made some of our own and downloaded a few.
  4. All my big team buddies have quit playing halo 4 because there is no big team objective. We have played big team CTF together since halo 2. It is our favorite game type. My buddies are not good at just slayer, but put a flag on the map and they shine. The current CTF team size is too small. Why is there still no big team objective. Halo 4 has some great maps that are not being utilized well because there is no BT Objective. We are a team of 8 and we are begging you to please add this game type (that should have been released with the game). To say my buddies are disappointed is an understatement, they have quit playing halo period. Please help.
  5. If you could create your own game type, what would it be? How would it work? What are the rules to the game? How many people do you need in order to play? So on and so forth.
  6. While experimenting with the Halo 4 forge, I hit upon the idea of a game type that I wished to try; but alas, can't seem to figure out how to actually make it work. Premise is simple, shields do not naturally regenerate; but there are indicated trait zones set up that quickly charge a player's shields, thereby making territory control that much more interesting, possibly with one-way energy barriers and similar. However, when experimenting with the basic premise, I seem unable to actually disable shield regeneration. Shield regeneration set to 0% merely acts identical to 100%, with no obvious reasoning behind this. I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this, knew what I was doing wrong (total Forge amateur that I am), or simply knows a workaround to force shields to not regenerate. It's puzzling me no end that 0% doesn't disable it. (Other than shield regeneration rate, all other values were defaulted to Infinity Slayer, if that helps.)
  7. Those of you who were in AD's early game on the newyears playdate played this, But for those of you who haven't, here's the run down. Slayer - no teams no loadouts Spawn with random weapons Player speed 175% gravity 75% player jump 175% Bottomless clip This gametype is pure fun with friends and is always a good time killer. The name comes from the game Crackdown, in which your character could outrun a car and jump almost 6 stories in the air. Do to the increased movement, this always needs to be on a large map. So, what do you think? would you play it? Suggestions of changes?
  8. Gamertag: sfi94killerz Map: Mob Arena v2.0 (Erosion variant) Gametype: Mob (Oddball variant) Decription: Mob is a fast-paced, oddball arena game, perfect for any amount of players (recommended 3-10). Grab the ball and hold on for dear life as your opponents attempt to pry it from your cold, dead hands. Use your guns as you wish, but without a small army, only melee will take down the carrier. Pictures and links unavailable, as Waypoint is refusing to cooperate with me.
  9. Doubles was the premier matchup in Halos past. Bring it back! We need the glory of 2v2 domination once again!
  10. Heya. So I have a serious problem. In my group of friends, a majority of our custom games involved infection. Specifically a certain game. Im sure there are a lot of people familiar with the gametype "Halo" on the map "Halo". the original was on sandbox I think, and many other maps were made for it. It involved one zombie up on a platform with a rocket launcher and a sniper, and they would shoot at the players as they rode mongooses on a track to prevent them from reaching the end, where there was a sniper or vehicle to kill the zombie. Well, I made a map for halo 4, but then i almost lost it when I was making the gametype and realized that there were no options to let the infected, or "flood" now, use weapons. PLEASE let us give the zombies weapons, infection was always the best game type to tinker with in order to make really fun custom games, please let us have our zombies back 343! And of course, duckhunt and fatkid too, which used a sniper and hammer respectively. I know people know about those
  11. I love firefight but I want the classic ODST style where all you had was you, your friends and a lot of SMG's. All I see when I play firefight now is a bunch of people using jet packs and rocket launchers. I just want a one where you need to have a plan. I know that not that many people out there would like this but I think it would be a good idea.
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