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Found 7 results

  1. Ok so i literally got the game yesterday and started playing live today i have donr nothing and i mean nothing wrong. There was one time i was idle for literally 5 seconds because i was being invited to a chat but that was it. I dont wanna be a ***** and i certainly dont just quit in the middle of games but if this is how its gonna be why play if im gonna be banned for no reason. Also why is the word m i n g e banned
  2. Hello fellow Halo fans, I'm getting banned by the loss of my connection to the server, when nothing seems to be wrong with my internet connection after having had contact with my internet provider. Because I never had with any other games, issues like this, it seems unlikely to me its my internet, it's an open NAT-type (See video please). This problem will find themselves virtually almost always after a played match and therefore I must sometimes wait inbetween matches for a period of time because I am afraid to be banned again. (not sure if that helped) It is therefore unfortunate that halo 5 can not distinguish between dropping out of the match or connection loss. The ban is becoming longer and longer and am afraid for my xbox live reputation / account. I've recently also got myself banned because of ending a campaign mission, how is that even possible? (see here: campaign ban) I've been posting and calling around everywhere, but get little to no help. I need help with this issue and I do not mean the xbox live support help page that makes me none the wiser. Let's hope this problem will get more attention when it gets around. Thanks in advance. Sincerely, JxGlenn Video Link 1 Video Link 2
  3. So, I know I'm just adding to the extremely long list of B.S. that comes with Halo Multi, but maybe they will make a patch if enough of us say something.......no they won't they are just making the cash. So, I have a clip of a game I was driving the tank and shot this guy 2-3 time point blank, he didn't die! At scale I was 20 feet away. I'd love to send this to 343, but it would get lost in the garbage with all the other complaints they throw away. They don't listen, or give a rats a$$. All I'll likely get is some BS copy paste their lawyers made. Then the Boot option, whats with that? I blowup a hog, that kills one of mine near and faster then I can even press the buttons, I'm gone. I was getting picked off by one of my own as we respawned like 3-4 times, no option for me. He was also killing others, probably 10-15 people, yet he never got booted. Then whats up with me, the Gatling gun, shooting head shots, and a three pop takes me out with no damage. I like the game don't get me wrong, but I personally think it has a load of bugs that 343 won't admit to. I think if you get caught cheating, lagging what ever, your counsel should be banned from all online play. Then how do some reload the tanks so fast, I did a count on the time and compared it to others, they come in fatsrer by far Cheating is a choice, not a mistake, or something you accidentally do. So deal with no more online unless you buy another xbox, tuff!! How would I post the video from my xbox saved?
  4. 343 Industries, Thank you for allowing a player named "BLACKMARCOS" (tag: AQUI) to destroy all of our Mantis during the SHOOTOUT IN VALHALLA (TWO GIANTS). We could not kick him out or betray him. I appreciate the awesome game I DID NOT have while he was destroying us. I understand you do not want people killing each other in the game, but you can still destroy each other's vehicles. Way to make that possible. I am not a fan of Halo 4 for many reasons. 1. What is the deal with the shark and the sting ray? 2. The scoring on this game is horrible. Kill/Death ratio should determine how good your score is, not random medals. Who cares if someone gets a railgun kill if they have a K/D ratio of -4. 3. Carnage Report is difficult to read. Put us all in one screen so I don't have to scroll down to see people please. 4. Ordinances are horrible. You're giving special weapons to people who play well. Very unfair. 5. The lag on Spartan Ops is getting out of control. The missions are not even fun anymore. 6. I can only vote once on a map? I can't change my mind? 7. Too many loadout options. Dumb. 8. How about putting some weapons on the maps. I run out of ammo every time before I can find another weapon. 9. FRIENDLY FIRE SHOULD BE TURNED ON!!!
  5. I've been Perm Banned on my Halo 3 Files Share System. Staff Response This is a fan forum. The official site is halowaypoint.com but I do not suggest you post your personal info their either. I've removed your personal information to protect you, and wish you luck with removing your ban. -The Director
  6. I keep on getting banned for quitting and Im NOT quitting! Why does this keep happening to me?? Can someone help me?!
  7. Attention 343 Industries: Please develop halo 4 multiplayer so that it will no longer be nessasary to quit/credit ban people who have paid good money to play this game. It seems unethical to sell someone a product then ban them when they can't use it correctly. Not only unethical just down right mean. I know of no other major game maker that does this. Multiplayer problems can be resolved without resorting to banning people. Thank you.
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