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  1. The biggest riddle of a halo reach player... WHY DO I KEEP LETTING KAT DRIVE!
  2. A video combining all our hopes and dreams in halo 4... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrsELPyG3_0
  3. They once wanted to name a street after chuck norris but they had to change it cause' no one crosses chuck norris.
  4. Halo 4 oppa gangman style parody, what else do you want? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrsELPyG3_0 Disclaimer: content not made by the mexican going by the name [email protected] florez, video was made by the ever present magical powers of the halo community.... Disclaimer's Disclaimer: in the real world, video was made by Teamheadkick.
  5. So yeah, NEEDLER SHOTGUN, I guess you guys read the title and its just an idea that I thought would be cool. I would like a shotgun for the covenant because after 4 games they deserve it. If you guys wernt able to pick up the clues needler and shotgun, heres how the design would go down. This would obviously be a close range weapon and it would also be able to home in on targets (yeah didnt see that coming) and after sticking they will, of course, give you candy, no theyll explode. I know most of you are like, its basically like all the other shotguns, you just get a flashy explosion, well how bout this, it would be effective against vehicles! No wait I didnt think that out, never mind. Basically this gun would just look really, really awesome. Please feel free to post any other ideas for weapons you guys would like.
  6. I call poop. For me there is no halo if there is no internet.
  7. Cool, ill try this out once I get to that part, and when i get halo 4, and when i get an x-box. Guess whats going on the letter to santa!
  8. It gets to a point when you have to read an hours worth of arguments about a level in halo 4 where it just gets RIDICULOUS!
  10. The flood should only be reintroduced if they remake them, make them different than the ones we saw in the 1st trilogy. Also cortana might be back for halo 5, (no one saw that coming). In halo 4 SPOILER ALERT, cortana died saving the chief, or did she? Part of her might have survived and stayed on Requiem where the librarian or whatever that thing was, is, and since the librarian actually sorta crafted humans, she could heal cortana or even more, who knows-maybe in halo 5 cortana wont be 10 inches tall and not made out of light.
  11. Hah take that Call of Doody! Now if only halo was on the PC!!!!
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