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    Leading (with many other people) the U.S.C to my best of abilities.

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  1. *Important Notice* U.S.C is a Halo: Reach clan! What is the U.S.C about? The U.S.C is a clan that mainly worries about 'dictator clans' or (In easier terms) clans that claim and try to own all of the community and clans that simply want to be a arshole. <-- Keeping it clean In the U.S.C there is 13 ranks, all having a purpose to help the clan. For example an E1's description is: "Congradulations, you have just been added to the clan. Your a Private, you are the people that will be going around in cars and lighting up the battlefield." but an E2's description is: "You've ranked up! Now you will be the ones worrying about the air. You will be on the ground keeping our airspace clean or in the air keeping our groundspace clean." as you can tell there is a diffrence between what people do. What is the requirements to join the U.S.C? First things first, we make NO ACCEPTIONS. If you do not qualify on one of these then you may not join. Must be 11 or older. Must have a matchmakeing K/D of 0.5 or higher. Must be mature (dont run around screeming into the headset) Must have some strategy... even if it is unnatural. Must be active. Must be respectful. What if our K/D was .5 when joined but droped sence? Well in this case you will be placed as a reserve. You will mostly be trying to bump it back up in matchmakeing but other than that you will not really be involved in the clan. What is the point of this page? The main point is to get people to join. We really need some members as currently (Counting me) we only have 7 and most are unactive. What about other stuff I want to know? Well you can find it on the website or on our youtube channel. Clan Website: http://unnaturalstrategy.wix.com/uscwebsite Clan Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwN4UlBLFOM
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