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Found 7 results

  1. Hey you sexy beast! Interested in joining an ODST clan? Join United Nations ODST Divison (U.N.O.D.) today, and be among fellow helljumpers in the tide of war! Must be 11+! Must be active! We currently have 2 ships under our fleet! We currently have 15 maps under our clan! Check out our YouTube channel "INAD Halo Clan" Check out our website below! www.unodhaloclan.wix.com/inad Sign up on our website or message "killerz287" or "CoolerClassic" today! Hope to see you on the battlefield Hell Jumper!
  2. *Important Notice* U.S.C is a Halo: Reach clan! What is the U.S.C about? The U.S.C is a clan that mainly worries about 'dictator clans' or (In easier terms) clans that claim and try to own all of the community and clans that simply want to be a arshole. <-- Keeping it clean In the U.S.C there is 13 ranks, all having a purpose to help the clan. For example an E1's description is: "Congradulations, you have just been added to the clan. Your a Private, you are the people that will be going around in cars and lighting up the battlefield." but an E2's description is: "You've ranked up! Now you will be the ones worrying about the air. You will be on the ground keeping our airspace clean or in the air keeping our groundspace clean." as you can tell there is a diffrence between what people do. What is the requirements to join the U.S.C? First things first, we make NO ACCEPTIONS. If you do not qualify on one of these then you may not join. Must be 11 or older. Must have a matchmakeing K/D of 0.5 or higher. Must be mature (dont run around screeming into the headset) Must have some strategy... even if it is unnatural. Must be active. Must be respectful. What if our K/D was .5 when joined but droped sence? Well in this case you will be placed as a reserve. You will mostly be trying to bump it back up in matchmakeing but other than that you will not really be involved in the clan. What is the point of this page? The main point is to get people to join. We really need some members as currently (Counting me) we only have 7 and most are unactive. What about other stuff I want to know? Well you can find it on the website or on our youtube channel. Clan Website: http://unnaturalstrategy.wix.com/uscwebsite Clan Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwN4UlBLFOM
  3. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that The Evil Paladins is still recruiting. You can visit our website for more at http://theevilpaladins.webs.com/ Another note - we have no members yet Thanks, WardoMichael
  4. Hey, I'm recruiting people for my H4 (Halo 4) sqaud I do have a website for it it's not great but it's nice soo far but it's a still work in progress but if you want to join my Halo 4 sqaud send me a private message or reply to this post P.S I need your gamertag if you want to join Website- http://kingstreetbutterflys.webs.com/
  5. We're back, and better than ever. Feedback would still be appreciated as I'm still working on this site. After weeks of doing nothing productive at all, staring at my screen or my tv while playing Halo or Minecraft, I decided to give my old site, Armorwatcher.tk, a complete overhaul. This time I wanted to make it as mobile friendly as possible, so I started all the way from scratch again. I spent three days writing the new version of my website, learning bits and pieces of javascript as I went along. I chose javascript so you don't have to load or reload a page every single time, which cuts down on costs if you're roaming and can't get a wifi connection. After the first day the site was basically done, and over the next two days most of the javascript was added. Now I'm just adding more features when I feel like it, such as the desktop mode for those who want to use the new site on a computer too. Anyhow, without further ado, I present to you: Armor Watcher 2.0! Currently v.0.6.1 As of version 0.5.4, pc's are automatically redirected to the desktop version, if you want to view the mobile version you'll have to either spoof the User-Agent string or just, you know, view it on a mobile. Mobile Apps If you want to cut back on costs even more, here's an app that basically has the site embedded in it, so that it'll only use the internet to retrieve the actual images: Download the App here! v.0.5.4 (Not up to date) Android, Windows Phone, WebOS and Symbian versions available. Current Features Halo 4 Armor Viewer (via Gamertag) Halo Reach Armor Viewer (via Gamertag, first one ever) Halo 3 Armor Generator Halo 4 Emblem Viewer (via Gamertag, first one ever) Halo 4 Emblem Generator Halo Reach Emblem Viewer (via Gamertag, first one ever) Halo 3 Emblem Generator Planned Features Halo Reach Emblem Generator Halo 3: ODST Emblem Generator Halo 2 Emblem Generator Maybe stats? Changelogs Some outdated screenshots
  6. I'm having an issue with the 343i.org website. At any random time, a black screen will pop up and block about 80% of the page I'm viewing (not including the tile bar at the top). All I have to do is hit refresh and it will bring up the page without the black screen, but it is really annoying that it happens even while I'm typing up a post. Has anyone else had this happen?
  7. Hey everybody its me, D33p Ch1ll If you are wondering what this, its my website that I made. Please when you have the time look at it and Subscribe yo my website. Also check out my other website "Ch1lls-Contollers" to see what controllers I design. The links to the website are listed here below: Moderator edit: D33p Ch1ll offering direct links away from this forum to your forums are not permitted. I took a look, you have done a nice job, but you need to read the "Rules" on this matter. General rule, line f. Thank you..
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