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Found 7 results

  1. Jousting by Rabid MidgetMan Map link Gametype link player count: 4, 8, 12, 16 Introduction "What's that you say Rabid? A jousting map without any swords?! Have you gone absolutely mad?!" No good sir, you see they don't use swords in real life jousting either, do they? They use a thing called a lance (aka big stick), hence the name 'Sir Lancelot'. I happen to know Sir Lancelot and he approves of my jousting map. Why listen to him? Because he's good at jousting. How do I know? because if he wasn't he wouldn't 'Lance a lot'. Why? because being bad at jousting hurts. A LOT. Overview In this jousting map, you will find a much more realistic experience, wielding a shotgun rather than a sword gives a more natural range for the 'lance' . There are two teams, many mongooses and a long, straight track. The track is split by a divide (fence) down the middle, red team drives north and on the right whilst the blue team drives south on the left . As the 'horsemen' pass each other, the rider must take a shot at the opposing mongoose across the barrier. A teleporter at the end of the track leads back to the start, ensuring a smooth transition from one 'pass' to the next. A map wide teleporter stops players leaving the spawn area on foot or dismounting while in play. Gameplay The gametype is unlimited lives slayer with increased damage and other small differences. This is a very fun map to play with 3 of your friends (or rivals), but it also works well with 8,12, or 16 players. Plug in your mic and discuss attack plans with your team, just don't forget to cheer when you successfully strike down a challenger ​ Rider: The pump action of your shotgun makes it critical that you time your shot correctly as a miss will leave you vulnerable to attack. It creates a similar feel to grifball, where you must make a compromise between hitting your opponent as soon as they enter your lethal range, but leaving it late enough that you don't waste your shot with a glancing blow. As such, this game takes a lot of precision, skill and practice to master. Driver: The map flows very well if you simply drive forward and stick close to the divide, shooting enemies as they pass. This playstyle is fairly easy, the only challenge being getting as close to the barrier without touching it (grazing the wall causes you to bounce away from it). But you are free to be creative, try different maneuvers like: swooping towards the barrier as an opponent passes, stopping, reversing, changing speeds, accelerating backwards, reversing forwards... Maybe even some dressage?! As the horse you are also responsible for staying as close to or far from friendly horsemen as you see fit. Summary 1) Being bad at jousting hurts-elot 2) Being good at jousting can get you a knighthood 3) Mechanical horses are much softer on the crotch 4) Please download the map + gametype and enjoy playing it!
  2. Jam

    paint jobs

    Okay what if they let us have paint schemes for our 'hogs and mongeese. Like when your K/D ratio gets above a certain percentage you can change the color of the vehicle then if it gets higher you can add emblems to them. Then the top customization would be small changes to the body of the vehicle like a different grill or bumper...that'd be cool IMO.
  3. Th3 Bl1nd n1nja Map Name: The Mongoose Zombies Gametype: Mongoose Flood Brief Description: This is an infection style game where humans must drive to stay alive. Humans will spawn (with pistol and shotgun) near 8 mongooses and a rocket warthog. The goal is for the humans to drive around the map killing zombies and trying to survive until the time runs out. Zombies spawn in the middle of the map on a giant rock, where they can man-cannon to most of the map. Zombies have a choice between thruster pack, pro-vision and active camo. Zombies cannot run as fast as the vehicles but when they thruster pack they can glide along the floor at high speeds (tap the jump button continuously after using thruster pack). This game is extremely fun and can be played with 8-16 people. If you have any questions feel free to let me know. Hope You Enjoy! Pictures:
  4. Hello Fellow Halo players! If you're interested in playing custom games with a variety of people, please add me on XBOX LIVE! Send me a message saying if you're interested or not! There will be countless numbers of fun maps ( Race Tracks, Infection maps, Refurnished slayer maps, etc. ) GamerTag: Meh Tricks Thanks, tangybuddy3
  5. Gametag: vDukie Map: Mongoose Arena Gametype: Joust Recommended Players: 8-16 (Two teams of four or greater) The Mongoose Arena is essentially a big box with two indentations on opposite sides. The indentations are blocked off with one way shields and it is where the jousters spawn. 2 players of each team will spawn inside, next to a mongoose, one will drive and the other will joust with either a sword or a gravity hammer. The remainder of the team will spawn in the arena, inside glass covers as spectators. To prevent camping inside the spawn, a Heavy Mancannon will spawn at 30 seconds and push the players out. 1 kill = 10 points. 10 points to win. 10 rounds. I will try to post a video/screenshots when I get my Dazzle working, but till then give it a try. Enjoy!
  6. MONTIS MANGOOSE GameTag: Gitty1 Map Name: MANGOOSE Link: N/A GameType: MONTIS Link: N/A Description: An original map and gametype created on Impact. The players are either Flood or Spartans, the flood must get into Mantis' and chase the Spartans who are on Mongooses (Mongeese? Mongi?) while the Spartans try to survive. Honour rules are, Spartans stay on Mongooses and no shooting with the Mantis(Stamping only). The initial Flood count must be edited to half of the player count (rounding up is uneven) to a maximum of 4 for this map. This is the first dedicated map for the gametype so some issues may have been missed and feedbck would be apreciated. I am also looking to make many more maps for this gametype. Thanks in advance for any and all constructive feedback. I'll get better pictures and fill in the links when the fileshres are put on Waypoint.
  7. So me and my friend were playing Halo:Reach the other day and noticed that exiting a vehicle (Usualy a Banshee) was taking to long when your been shot at by the whole enemy team. So we were thinking and thought it would be a great idea if there was a quick ejection system, maybe hitting the right bumper or a simliar button while in a vehicle and you would dive out of it. There has to be a catch right? So maybe you loose some of your shield when you dive out depending on your speed and how you land. You may also consider not beening able to use your abilities until they recharge again. I hope that everyone shares their thoughts and opinions on this. Your Friend, Connor AoT x EpiczZx
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