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  1. Description: Ever feel like playing Custom Games but just cant find the right sized party? Well you've come to the right place. The Custom Gamer Otriad is a collection of Halo players whom want to take a break from competitive match making and sit back and play for fun. Just reply to this thread and I'll add your gamertag to the available players list. If you ever want to play customs, try out some new maps/gametypes, or whatever just check back here, and send invites/messages to any/all the players on the list. This will make getting a plentiful party much easier. Rules: 1. Be respectful 2. Have fun 3. Invite your friends! List: 1. vDukie 2. NoobsOwnMe 3. xpghxassassianx 4. Thesmellypocket 5.Pulvurizer 6.lijii 7.icycoolx 8.refuge88 9. 10. ... If you want to host feel free to host, just try not to hog Party Leader if someone wants to put on/try out their map. The Custom Games range from Competitive Customs, to Flood, to Mini Games, to anything you have created. I am always down for some Customs and will try to host Daily Custom Games from 7:00PM EST till 9:00PM EST, or even later. So join up if you're interested
  2. sounds like predator from h3. I'll give it a DL once my wireless adapter starts working again
  3. I took your map and added/edited some stuff. I'll add it to my fileshare tomorrow so you can see if you wish. I'm putting your name in the description for full credit though
  4. I see, I'm going to tweak the dmg, shielding, and movement on my gametype, thanks
  5. Gametag: vDukie Map: Mongoose Arena Gametype: Joust Recommended Players: 8-16 (Two teams of four or greater) The Mongoose Arena is essentially a big box with two indentations on opposite sides. The indentations are blocked off with one way shields and it is where the jousters spawn. 2 players of each team will spawn inside, next to a mongoose, one will drive and the other will joust with either a sword or a gravity hammer. The remainder of the team will spawn in the arena, inside glass covers as spectators. To prevent camping inside the spawn, a Heavy Mancannon will spawn at 30 seconds and push the players out. 1 kill = 10 points. 10 points to win. 10 rounds. I will try to post a video/screenshots when I get my Dazzle working, but till then give it a try. Enjoy!
  6. I can do all 3 except gunner, its hard to use a turret with 10 sensitivity haha
  7. I love CTF, count me in, I cant guarantee that I'll always be available
  8. http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/18725-cops-and-robbers/ COPS AND ROBBERS http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/19159-halo-4-lava-pit-remake/ LAVA PIT
  9. Gametag: vDukie Map: Lava Pit Gametype: Sacrifice Recommended Players: 8-16 A Lava Pit Remake, for those who didnt play Lava Pit in Halo 3, it is basically bumper cars, push your opponents into the "lava" at the center of the map, or off the edges. Last one alive wins. 10% damage to support explosive weapon effects on vehicles, 75% player movement and no radar to encourage vehicle use. A small square shaped vehicle arena with a Kill Ball filled hole in the center, spawns on the corners, 2 spawns per corner, separated by a Window Double to prevent Initial Spawn Killing. Each corner has a Mongoose, Ghost, and Warthog. Weapons (Concussion Rifle x2, Rail Gun, Sticky Detanator) are placed on the outer edges of the arena, Armor Abilities (Active Camo, Thruster Pack, Jet Pack, Hologram) are placed on the inner edges. Mongoose (x4) added in center of the Arena's edges to support more players. 30 seconds after Initial Spawn, 4 Gauss Warthogs spawn on each edge of the arena. 60 seconds after Initial Spawn, 4 Man-Cannon Heavy spawn pointing towards the Lava/Kill Balls near the inner edges of the arena. I will try to post a video/screenshots when I get my Dazzle working, but till then give it a try. Enjoy!
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