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  1. I played this game! it's great fun and well balanced. Most importantly it stands out from all those other maps where you shoot extraction crates / pallets / dice / base sheilds out from underneath people, because in all the other versions either its spleef where both teams are on the platform or you just have people below. In this one the shooters are on the sides which gives a new feel to an old concept. the crates spawn back fairly quickly too so the platform's shape is always changing, with the safe areas and dangerous areas swapping all the time, keeps you on your heels.
  2. Paranormal Pests By Rabid MidgetMan Here is the map, gametype, and a link to my fileshare thrown in for free! Player count: 5-14, the more the better Boo. My god, you're very pale, you look like you've seen a ghost! This building has become infested with pesky spirits, so you've been sent in to clear them out. But don't lose your nerve Mr. Ghostbuster, these ghosts are actually pretty harmless, so it's just a question of catching them all. Should be simple, right? Nope, the slippery specters have a trick up their sleeve... They can walk through walls! Okay, okay, the ghosts can't actually 'walk' through walls, but they can choose to instantly vanish and reappear somewhere else on the map at the push of a button, whenever they please. Every time they do this, they leave behind a flash of a ghostly blue trail. Overview The map is essentially a large maze. I must confess that the map itself (the basic maze) is not mine, it was downloaded from the internet after the maze I was building fell victim to a save overwrite bug. 'Cereal Noob' had intended the map to be yet another slender game, but I gave it a makeover (reorganised spawns, killzones, a few corridors) and then I got to work implementing the teleportation system that defines Paranormal Pests. Some corridors are very long, whilst most of the map is made up of tight corners and small rooms. There are no dead ends so you can move around with ease. Warping The basic idea of Paranormal Pests is that the ghosts (humans) move very quickly and can avoid the Ghostbusters (infected) and their sword lunges by warping. "But Rabid, how on earth do I warp?!?" Simple! Just jump! Every time you push that A button, you will warp to one of many carefully selected destination points on the map. I gave the warp ability a half-second cooldown to prevent spamming. It is virtually impossible to predict where they will end up, and the distribution of players throughout the map is kept even. Gameplay Remember when I said the ghosts were harmless? Psych! You may have 2000% resistance and enough shields to teabag a killball, but you can still be assassinated so WATCH YOUR BACK. There is one GhostBuster 3000 (or as the UNSC naively named it, scattershot) on the map (at the infected spawn) which can vaporise ghosts, leaving no more than a pile of spooky ashes. With such a powerful tool in your hands you may feel indestructible! This game is a real laugh because you can wait for the humans to run all the way along a corridor to get to you then just jump at the last second. Or as I like to do, run up and punch them in the face then disappear before they can return the favor. Oh and while you're busy swinging at air, you might want to WATCH YOUR BACK. "guesssssssssssssss who!" "OH COME ON!" :wallbash: Flying Did I mention that the ghosts can fly? Yeah, they float about the corridors (thruster pack). They move so fast you never see 'em coming. Sometimes, if they get real mad, they will swoop in and grab someone, clean off the ground, then fly away with them, screaming, never to be seen again... Lobby Advice First of all I would advise telling the players in the lobby that you can assassinate people, as the gameplay feels much more balanced once everyone realises this. The game still functions if you don't, but few players pick it up on their own. I originally designed this for large lobbies of 8-14 and it works really well with that amount; a lot of quick fun and assassinations are much easier because the radar becomes redundant when there are so many dots on it. I found that the game is surprisingly enjoyable with lobbies of 3-5 as well. It is much stealthier, you often have to crouch to go off radar in order to get kills. It also feels a lot more personal because you're being taunted by the same person over and over. "Hey, what's that on your face?" "Eh? I haven't got anything on my-" A small YouTube channel did this feature of my map. he mentions balancing issues, but don't worry the gametype has been improved since. If someone is spamming the teleport, just watch for one of the places he lands and then keep swinging your sword there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB4E8ELg_o4 Once again the creator of the structural map was Cereal Noob, and feel free to subscribe to this guy's channel he does some great reviews
  3. Jousting by Rabid MidgetMan Map link Gametype link player count: 4, 8, 12, 16 Introduction "What's that you say Rabid? A jousting map without any swords?! Have you gone absolutely mad?!" No good sir, you see they don't use swords in real life jousting either, do they? They use a thing called a lance (aka big stick), hence the name 'Sir Lancelot'. I happen to know Sir Lancelot and he approves of my jousting map. Why listen to him? Because he's good at jousting. How do I know? because if he wasn't he wouldn't 'Lance a lot'. Why? because being bad at jousting hurts. A LOT. Overview In this jousting map, you will find a much more realistic experience, wielding a shotgun rather than a sword gives a more natural range for the 'lance' . There are two teams, many mongooses and a long, straight track. The track is split by a divide (fence) down the middle, red team drives north and on the right whilst the blue team drives south on the left . As the 'horsemen' pass each other, the rider must take a shot at the opposing mongoose across the barrier. A teleporter at the end of the track leads back to the start, ensuring a smooth transition from one 'pass' to the next. A map wide teleporter stops players leaving the spawn area on foot or dismounting while in play. Gameplay The gametype is unlimited lives slayer with increased damage and other small differences. This is a very fun map to play with 3 of your friends (or rivals), but it also works well with 8,12, or 16 players. Plug in your mic and discuss attack plans with your team, just don't forget to cheer when you successfully strike down a challenger ​ Rider: The pump action of your shotgun makes it critical that you time your shot correctly as a miss will leave you vulnerable to attack. It creates a similar feel to grifball, where you must make a compromise between hitting your opponent as soon as they enter your lethal range, but leaving it late enough that you don't waste your shot with a glancing blow. As such, this game takes a lot of precision, skill and practice to master. Driver: The map flows very well if you simply drive forward and stick close to the divide, shooting enemies as they pass. This playstyle is fairly easy, the only challenge being getting as close to the barrier without touching it (grazing the wall causes you to bounce away from it). But you are free to be creative, try different maneuvers like: swooping towards the barrier as an opponent passes, stopping, reversing, changing speeds, accelerating backwards, reversing forwards... Maybe even some dressage?! As the horse you are also responsible for staying as close to or far from friendly horsemen as you see fit. Summary 1) Being bad at jousting hurts-elot 2) Being good at jousting can get you a knighthood 3) Mechanical horses are much softer on the crotch 4) Please download the map + gametype and enjoy playing it!
  4. Kamikaze Banshees By Rabid MidgetMan Map link Gametype link Player count: 8-14, the more the better. add a second alpha zombie for large lobbies. Ever noticed how a banshee explosion is much larger than a banshee-bomb explosion? These zombies noticed. Many explosions are guaranteed In this chaotic yet skillful game. Please give feedback after playing! Overview Zombies fly into the canyon and crash (explode) into survivors in order to infect them. The zombies are unable to inflict damage with the banshee guns. If the humans would prefer to keep their limbs mutually connected to their torso, they might want to consider blowing the banshees up in mid-air during their dive. A large variety of powerful weapons enter the map through initial ordnance, random ordnance, personal ordnance and not forgetting the 2 random weapons you spawn with. I built the map between the 2 massive asteroids of impact. the smaller (yet still BIG) asteroids between the map provide excellent cover for the humans and banshees alike. The humans spawn in a circle in the centre of the map with random weapons, and are encouraged to fan out by initial ordnance drops all around the map. Gameplay There is lots of cover in the map, but no place is safe. overhangs can be useful as they reduce the directions the banshees can attack from, but it also reduces the ease of shooting back. The buildings have no roofs, making their protective potential very minimal. It took a lot of testing, but I think I've perfected the damage and resistance levels for the humans and zombies. The flood will never die before their banshees are destroyed so you don't get falling vehicles. None of the weapons used in the map (mostly sniper or explosive) are overpowered, and most destroy the banshees in 1 - 3 hits. Camping is difficult as ammo runs low on the power weapons, prompting players to search for random ordnance. The most common weapon is the railgun (all initial ordnance are railguns and the 'left' personal ordnance option is always a railgun). It is a fair weapon as it takes some skill and kills in about 1 and 1/4 shots. Pictures Imagine 8 of these flying towards you. Yeah, that really happens. A spartan hiding from a couple of banshees in the background. BOOOM. The two zombies spawns with a purple teleporter between them. there a 4 quickly spawning banshees and 8 vehicle pads at each, more than enough. Crash Cam About to die. Dying. ...Dying Dead. Technical bit (how it works) If you're not a forger, ignore this bit. Essentially, the banshees cannot deal damage in the air due to a map-wide trait zone. when they 'crash', what is really happening is they are hitting into a hard killzone at a certain height just above the humans' heads. Due to the careful positioning of the killzone and the speed of the banshees approaching it, the illusion created is that they explode once they crash into the ground, but really it is a mid-air explosion. there is a second trait zone within the killzone, giving them 500% damage and so making the explosion LETHAL. If you wish to reproduce this setup please give credit if it is due.
  5. My feelings exactly!! Halo 4 is horrible, every time i log on to forge a map (thts the only reason why i buy halo games, forge + custom games r amazing) i discover another gametype or crucial game option tht has been removed. Literally every time. Everytime i say 'okay thts got to be all of them now' but there is always something else tht 343 has messed up next time i try to make a map. There is only so much of this i can take -.-
  6. I hav some other issues tht could do with fixing, though all the most important ones hav already been voiced. 1. Disable red name: this was a less well known appearance option in reach, but i loved it. It disguised the invisible players in gametypes like ghostbusters and 30 days and nights much better, but was particularly important in maps where you are hiding without invis, or behind a leaves as the red name made tht useless. This insnt specific to flood, but it is most useful in zombi gametypes 2. Respawn settings - sync with team: this option allowed us to make maps where slow zombies could spawn in hordes, making rly fun gametypes (youtube search 'halo reach urban') 3. Purple fx: it is impossible to create night lighting conditions without this. Thnx alot 343. You removed this but apparently pen and ink is just too good to be removed. Wtf. 4. This is more of a glitch, but i found out today that if a flood gets on the back of a mongoose, it gitches and appears to be standing perfectly upright and hovering above the mongoose. He cannot melee / attack in the glitch. Strangest of all, he is holding his claw like an assault rifle?! Normal i would hav been laughing, but this glitch meant that the map i had been working on for the last 3 days is now unusable. Worst of all this happened in front of many of my friends and they think im retarded at forging now -.- Also i dont know if anyone else feels this way too, but what i find rly annoying is that these simple little options we love have been systematically and purposefully removed, while 343 filled literally half of all the game options avaliable with pointlessly detailed customizable ordenance options!! I mean srsly, who is gonna wade through 30 different weapon options, thoughtfully adjusting the probability weighting from 1-10 for the exact weapons they want their players to earn?! I dont know about you guys, but i can safely say right now tht for about 90% of my games i wont be wanting any weapon changing at all, and will simply be clicking 'disable' for this entire half of the game options 343 have given to us. It almost looks like they knew ppl wouldnt use it, so they got jealous and decided to remove the ability to place weapons in map, in some desperate attempt to encourage ppl to use it. Even if its just to reload a single weapon haha.
  7. I thought that at first, but when i realised the extent of differences i srsly think they r too diffierent. My guess is that the reason flood cant hav weapons is it wont look right graphically, which is the main problem with flood. Off the top of my head, i can think of these differences too tho- no armor colour, alpha traits are lost upon death, no advanced spawn setting (sync with team), waypoint on last man cannot be disabled, claw lung is twice as long as sword lunge (longer range than even the shotgun!), red name not removable (ruins hide and seek style games).... I srsly think they should just throw in infection separately :/
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