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  1. Th3 Bl1nd n1nja Map Name: The Mongoose Zombies Gametype: Mongoose Flood Brief Description: This is an infection style game where humans must drive to stay alive. Humans will spawn (with pistol and shotgun) near 8 mongooses and a rocket warthog. The goal is for the humans to drive around the map killing zombies and trying to survive until the time runs out. Zombies spawn in the middle of the map on a giant rock, where they can man-cannon to most of the map. Zombies have a choice between thruster pack, pro-vision and active camo. Zombies cannot run as fast as the vehicles but when they thruster pack they can glide along the floor at high speeds (tap the jump button continuously after using thruster pack). This game is extremely fun and can be played with 8-16 people. If you have any questions feel free to let me know. Hope You Enjoy! Pictures:
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