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  1. SOSC Halo 4 Clan Ever thought about join a clan in Halo 4? Why should I join a clan? Well because getting together with other members and participating in competitions. Competitions can be the funnest part of our clan. We follow community rules in Halo4 and so does most clans. We have divisions Elite, assassins, and ECI. Elites are the most trained members of the clan. The Assassins are chosen from the Elites by the learder. They always go for the enemy clan's leader because if the leader is assassinated we win and take thier clan. The ECI is Enemy Clan Informer is a group that goes undercover to gain information about enemy clans and protects the SOSC leader during clan battles. We have website with a ranking and XP system. WEBSITE: http://haloswordsofsanghelios.weebly.com/ LEADER: UnsoundOrange7
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