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  1. Hey, my name is aColdSniperXxX or Connor. I was recently given a college assessment letting me choose anything I wanted to make for my end of year examination, quite obviously I would like to use Halo 4 elements in my film, most of the film will take place in the real world thanks to the green screen mechanics in the game but I would like a nice establishing montage of shots explaining the universe and what 'Halo' really is. This film is produced to show off my special and visual effects abilities so I can have something that will leave a lasting impact in my portfolio, when the Spartan is brought into the real world I will be using many explosions and really over the top effects. Deadline is in about a month and a half so I would like as much help as I can to get this first part sorted as quickly as I can! if you are the kind of person who gets wet looking at mountains of film paperwork then you are in luck! I have attached the paperwork needed for my college assessment incase you want to get a better idea of what I am asking of you. Body Actors: Red Spartan (main character) - Played and voiced by me Red Team 1 - OPEN Red Team 2 - OPEN Red Team 3 - OPEN Red Tank - OPEN Red Laser - OPEN Red Tank - OPEN ----------------------------------------------- Blue Mantis - OPEN Blue Team 1 - OPEN Blue Team 2 - OPEN Blue Team 3 - OPEN Blue Team 4 - OPEN Blue Banshee - OPEN If you are interested in a roles contact me on R3c0niC@hotmail.co.uk or send me a text message via the Xbox One or Xbox 360. Filming will take place on Halo 4 Valhalla on the Xbox One once enough body actors have been chosen. Link to SCRIPT Link to PITCH Link to CALL SHEET Email: R3c0niC@hotmail.co.uk Gamertag: aColdSniperXxX Skype: shaggy.dawg
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