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  1. Hey guys I have officially found the easiest way to troll in halo 5 guardians THE ULTIMATE SPARTAN CHARGE!^o^ What you have to do is find an unsuspecting player near an edge then sprint untill 2 brackets appear on your screen then sprint towards them while sprinting press RB then you will end up Spartan charging them they will fall off the edge and get mad at you!
  2. Hey I'm considering starting a channel but I have been thinking for a week now but I cant think of any channel names I thought of Exotik sniper but someone has got that so I need the majestic 343i community help me with my troubles my channel will be based on halo mainly so please leave suggestions!
  3. Warzone is uncompetitive but after a while gets boring but arena is competitive I like uncompetitive gameplay that does not get boring so if they add a playlist that's uncompetitive with more gametypes!
  4. Hey guys I'm back for a while I have not been on here in 8 months so yeah I have halo 5 btw
  5. Hey, guys XxTox1cXReaperZ back in just saying wouldn't it be wonderful to have team snipers but we can't have team snipers until the correct maps are made we need 343i to hear us and give us what we want and what every one else wants it would also be neat to have big team snipers I get bored quite often on halo 5 because there's only warzone for the none-competitive players like me so they need to make a uncompetitive playlist such as wargames from halo 4 please feel free to comment your opinions!
  6. Dats easy raquaza ????????
  7. Thanks melody I need to work it out I'm thinking of buying a modded controller.
  8. Here r mine - NNJA -Dat mlg noscope - troll fusion coils - 360 assassination - clean head of sniper shot
  9. To be honest with you I would prefer a unusual game that's funny or a thing that could help me out if I'm stuck like "how to make a class on (game here)" I hope you find this useful.
  10. How much is 145 dollars in pounds?????
  11. If you could be any race from halo what would it be mine would probably be a promethean because I can teleport around everywhere. :3
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