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  1. A couple years ago, Rainbow Six: Vegas was available as a free Game with Gold. I hadn't any experience with the franchise before, so I downloaded it and I enjoyed it. Got the second game soon after (one of three instances where a Game with Gold leads me to buy the sequel), and enjoyed it as well. It was definitely a new experience different from other FPS games I've played. Don't have it on Steam, though. It's only $10 I see, but I've a backlog of things I plan on purchasing already. Maybe if my paycheck is sizable enough this Friday, I'll get it.
  2. I'm afraid this isn't the official 343 Industries forum, just a community site. www.halowaypoint.com will have the official Halo Reach forum.
  3. I have all three, actually, and would enjoy playing. Quite experienced in Dead Rising 3 and Ryse, but not totally experienced in Titanfall. I'm somewhere in the 40's, and haven't played in a long time, but I'm quite good at it regardless.
  4. Yeah, I watched Rev3 Games a lot when Adam joined. When he left, I stopped, because I wasn't really interested. I liked Adam for his calm, objective approach to games and gaming news. I remember he got a lot of flak last year because when he'd discuss the Xbox vs. PlayStation situation, he wasn't a totally biased PlayStation fanboy, and so people disliked him. They also disliked him for not being a raving animal whenever some big controversy happened. Although part of the problem is just branding. "Rev3 Games" sounds odd. Rev3? Not a business that's easy to market in any way. Imagine having a plumbing business called "Tek6 Plumbing." Not gonna catch on.
  5. I had the game freeze on me, too, but I still had the levels I beat on record. I just had to restart the level I was in the middle of playing.
  6. My apologies, in my excitement I neglected to follow the format. Forum Name: ONI Agent Locke Gamertag: ONI Agent Locke Time: Arizona Mountain Time (no Daylight Savings Time) Availability: A few hours at best
  8. I like that the ODST armor lost some weight since Halo 4. Don't like how the Mark VI armor still looks weird like it did in Halo 4, though. But whatever, Halo 5 is going to have some really cool armor.
  9. Oh damn, didn't know I was talking to the Prime Minister of All Halo PC Knowledge. I apologize for my ignorance and will commit seppuku in shame. The Halo PC community is NOT as strong and alive as it's ever been. I don't know who you're trying to fool, but I've played Halo PC since 2006 and even made machinima shorts with it, and the community is nowhere near as large as it was back then. I just logged on to check, and across Halo PC and Halo CE, there were only a little over 800 players. Most of them on stock maps rather than Custom Edition maps. On hce.halomaps.org, a website with which I'm quite familiar, new maps are lucky to get even a thousand downloads these days. And I've never even heard of CELive, and apparently neither has Bing or Google. Halo Reach didn't have light generation. Make a map in the Coliseum and you'll see what I mean. I had a map that was almost completely boxed in, but the light went through and reflected off the geometry rather than get blocked by it, making everything look awkward. Halo 4 fixed this problem, except that players are not shadowed like Forge geometry, so if you have an entirely closed off room that's dark, the Spartan is still bright as day. Halo 2:A doesn't have this problem. Yes, mods made by people who know how to manipulate the game as such are better than Forge. No one is disputing that. But anyone can use Forge, very few can hack their Xbox and put whatever they want on it. Even on PC, not everyone can model and script and code. The people that can make astounding content, but it's takes knowledge and talent not available to everyone. In Forge, you press the button, and a box spawns. You move it, place it, and it stays, and that's all there is to it, and there's no secondary program or extra knowledge required. And most importantly, it can be played by anyone, not just by hacked systems or programs. It's accessible to everyone and works well. Does it compare to full-blown modding? Of course not. But Forge doesn't need to exist in the first place, which is part of what makes it so great. Look at any other AAA game on the market, and you'll see nothing has this kind of proprietary map customization. There is no "way it was meant to be played." The whole idea of Forge, Custom Games, and user content creation in general, is to make and play whatever you want however you want. When restrictions such as those placed on Infection in Halo 4 are added, then that does defeat the purpose, but Halo Reach didn't lack anything that Halo 3 had.
  10. Yet both pay the same price. Bungie really is dead. They wanted to leave their "evil overlords" at Microsoft so they could work under the worst publisher in the business and make the Waterworld of video games. Joseph Staten, Marcus Lehto, Jaime Griesemer, Frankie, Stosh, and Marty are all gone, and probably many more. Gonna delete this game off my hard drive to make space for something more worth my time and resources.
  11. Lighting generation is greatly improved over Halo 4's Forge. Scripting in Halo CE is only on PC, and the online community for it is pretty much dead now. Not to mention, it's far more user friendly and intuitive than making a map on Halo CE.
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