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    Spartan Ultra 255

    Spartan Ultra: The Spartan Ultra is a spartan trained similar to the methods of a SII but has the plus training of using emotion to help in combat to increase strength and speed, with the extra abilities of being able to calculate a method to engage or escape in combat.

    Description: A brute. Strong, unrelenting, fearless.He has no qualms being asked to do the unpleasant, the morally questionable, because despite what many think of him he knows he is, at his core, a soilder.

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  1. Caboose shut up and get lost I don't take payments because when people give me a job i love what I do so they in a way are paying me
  2. I don't really charge people. I love my work. it would be dishonorable to ask for money for doing something you enjoy I'm sorry I'm only on 360 not xbox one
  3. Hello I'm DARKSIDERS236 I'm a mercanary. If you want to hire me for a raid or to assassinate somebody or just to protect you contact me on xbox live My skills: Trained as a freelancer Master assassin And more
  4. I want to join a clan with honour and respect and seriously no teabagging
  5. they could make it if you run at a warthog for example you bash it out the way
  6. they could make it so that when you assassinate your spartan holds them by the throat and shoots them in the head
  7. can use gravity hammers in assassinations
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