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  1. From what i've heard AWI are cool as well.
  2. Talk to everyone. Learn a little bit about your clan mates and the conversations will start flooding in, most clans are friendly and will talk to you easily.
  3. I could give you more info on the clan I am apart of. if we can't work things out I can try to point you towards other clans.
  4. I know a few forgers you might be looking for..
  5. Yo! Yo! Yo! Welcome to the forums! Nice to see someone from the uk on here
  6. Nice! Maybe I can meet him/her one day lol.
  7. Hey SlashedPie! Welcome to the forum! May I ask where you are from and/or where you live?
  8. WHAT!?! THERE ARE MORE OF US!?! Only joking ! Nice to meet you! Me TROUBLE? Nah.... If you do find any trouble makers send them my way!
  9. Yeah it is when the weather is nice lol, if you do decide to come do so in summer. I'm sure I will! Thanks for the warm welcome!
  10. Not bad thanks! How about yourself?
  11. Hey everyone! I'm H2O Craigievar, i'm currently situated in Scotland and i'm looking forward to meeting some awesome people and of course discuss everything halo related.
  12. Hey! I'm from Scotland and i'm looking for people to play with too. I'm in a clan/community but you can join if you wish. I hope to play with you soon. (A copy of this message will be sent to your xbox live accounts too.) - H2O Craigievar
  13. Those drawings are EPIC! I'd like to see anything of this sort put into halo 5.
  14. Hey want to play some time : gt: Craigievar88
  15. If you'd like check out www.pmsclan.com it may be just right for you. If so say that H2O Craigievar sent you, I'm just trying to help people.
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