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  1. I hope for arby missions soon, seriously, im getting sick of chief, hes starting to look like green poop to me. give everyones favorite elite some love, 343.
  2. Escalation is techincally season 2.
  3. I prefer having loadouts for specific playstyles, precision, run and gun, etc in Halo 4.
  4. This is basically a copy and paste of the halomaps thread but with more content. http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=46746&rid=0.8784972637463351 A Short Introduction Welcome to the official Team VKMT thread. Here you will find updates on all of the team's latest projects and their progress. We will also make any and all announcements on this thread. VKMT was made to create high quality ports from other games for map makers, create fun single player levels, and to experiment with interesting new endeavors for the Halo Custom Edition game. Now let's get to our currently announced projects. Projects HRCE is a project based on the principle of porting high quality, balanced assets from Halo Reach into Halo Custom Edition for anyone to use. This includes bipeds and weapons for use with Open Sauce. THIS IS A SIDEPROJECT. Firefight cairo is a H2 styled firefight map located on the cairo. Vindication. Reveal 4/14/15, it will be a new story, cast of characters, and new weapons. We're Recruiting We need animators, modelers, texture artists, and sound effect people (not music). If you are interested in any of the positions above, please contact me with the information below. Xfire: megasean2812 Skype: megasean12281 or private message me here on halomaps. Screenshots (Most of this is our porting work, we have custom content in the works) Heres more screenshots of our cairo project. (outdated, these were taken in june) also sorry, but his layout confuses me and i have no clue how to edit my post xD
  5. i do alot of halo pc modding and thats all i will say cuzz i dont have much else to say.
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