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    Drawing, animating, gaming (duh), and teasing Edward Kenway irl. I also like playing sports such as tennis, badminton, and soccer. Drumming, too.
  1. Some of you may recognize the games shown above. Some of you may have even realized that all these games are violent. Violent video games can strongly impact players, but they do not cause behavior problems. It is a proven fact that violent video games don't cause behavior issues. First of all, from 1992 to 2009, video game sales have increased by the billions. On the other hand, crimes have decreased by the thousands. Most violent video games are rated M for Mature. However only 12 percent of video games rated by the ESRB were given the M rating in 2013. The majority of video games are rated E for Everyone. If parents don't want their children to play violent games, they should READ the ratings that are right under their noses! Guess what? There are even reasons why the game was given a certain rating! According to the U.S. Secret Service, only one-eighth of school attackers played video games. Adam Lanza did play video games, but it was proven that he was on antidepressants. Violent video games can be a substitute to physical violence in adolescents. People can unleash their anger upon virtual characters or items as opposed to their actual peers. Violent games can provoke thoughts that are everything, but negative. Games such as "The Last of Us" can teach us important morals and impact behavior in a positive way. Players can feel happiness, joy, or sadness because of their bond with the characters. If violent video games don't cause behavior issues, then what does? The answer is simple. It's domestic violence. People who are exposed to family issues may have violent thoughts deep within them. "Surgeon Simulator" doesn't make you a surgeon. "Cooking Mama" doesn't make you a chef. So why would GTA make you a psychopath? Consider that and leave your opinion below. I forgot to mention that this was really a presentation I did for school with Edward Kenway in real life. Edward Kenway helped me with it irl!
  2. Despite what many people think, children can learn from electronic devices with high screen brightnesses and lively action. These devices help increase test scores, as well as hand-eye coordination. These devices use video games which are, indeed, educational. First of all, video games can help increase test scores. Genres such as puzzle and strategy are most effective in doing so. According to the Entertainment Software Association, children who played "Dimension M" (a math game) scored higher by 8.07 percent on a math exam than children who didn't play. The genres mentioned before can improve math skills, vocabulary, and/or critical thinking. ("Scribblenauts") Additionally, video games can benefit hand-eye coordination. Genres such as action/adventure, platforming, and sports are most effective in improving reflexes and encouraging exercise. The genres mentioned can help improve physical education grades in school. Gamers will have the ability to react to incoming objects by practicing with virtual ones. Some parents believe that video games provoke violent thoughts. However, not all games are violent. Parents need to monitor their children better. Parents also believe that that gaming could strain children's eyes. As I previously stated, parents need to monitor their children better, but also control their playtime. In conclusion, video games benefit a child's education. They help improve grades both academically and physically. Take a look at your grades. Are you happy with them? If not, take the time to be educated with video games so you can complete your goals and experience happiness through satisfaction. You can post your thoughts about this essay I wrote for school below!
  3. Greetings bored person, I'm a bored person. I'm a cynical, somewhat lethargic, geeky, and devious person. I am more of a classic gamer for I enjoy SEGA... and I own a Genesis... I mostly enjoy platformer games, puzzle games, and some action/adventure. I make fan characters like the one named Mach. Useless piece of information #1: I'm a drummer. If I wasn't a gamer, I would most likely be a hipster.
  4. I'm somewhat surprised of how much humanity has evolved. Innovations are either helpful or not helpful. I have yet to decide if this would be beneficial. Swell information, though.
  5. Jet Set Radio - a very little known SEGA game (originally known as Jet Grind Radio for the Dreamcast) that was released in HD for Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, Android, and iOS in 2012. You play as teens on roller blades, and your main objective is to cover the city of Tokyo-to in graffiti while avoiding the cops, S.W.A.T Team, helicopters, missiles, and other projectiles. You're probably like, "What's great about it. It's a normal action/adventure game." You may be correct, but the most prominent and enjoyable part is the soundtrack. A link to one of the songs will be posted at the end of this review. Controls - The main controls include jumping, speeding, moving, and spraying. Pretty simple, right? Yup! You may run into an invisible wall accidentally or a fence, but the controls are easy to pick up. You have to spray graffiti by following the arrows that appear on screen. They go from up and down and all around (get the reference). I have yet to master spraying graffiti in game. However, the length of the spraying process differs between the characters. You can also do tricks while grinding on rails or airborne. Characters - Once you begin Story Mode, you automatically start off with Beat and obtain other characters along the way. Guess what. They're all teenagers. All the characters have their own trick style, graffiti style, and health meter which differs for all. The characters can hold a different amount of spray cans which are necessary for graffiti. They all have their own personalities. These are just the playable characters. One of the most important non-playable characters is DJ Professor K. He's the DJ of the pirate radio station, Jet Set Radio. He acts as a commentator throughout the game with humorous lines.After a few sprays, some dudes will come after you by foot or by air. The cops will chase after you and try to pull you down. Helicopters will try to fire missiles, but you can destroy them by spraying them (so realistic). S.W.A.T will deploy tear gas. Then there's the head cop, Onishima who will try to shoot you. The Golden Rhinos are a group of killers that erased your graffiti. There are also rival gangs who mark your territory first. Finally, there's Goji - a guy that was messing with the people's culture. Story - All good games have a protagonist and an antagonist. In JSR, it's you versus the world. The game is divided into three chapters. In the first, you need to claim your territory by spraying it with graffiti while going up against rival gangs - the Love Shockers, Poison Jam, and the Noise Tanks. In the second, you play only as Combo or Cube who are up against the Golden Rhinos. You're in search of a lost friend - Coin - who was taken by them. In the last chapter, you need to stop Goji from unleashing an evil spirit from a cursed music record. Remember, you're accomplishing all of this with spray cans and roller blades. Soundtrack - This is the most memorable part of JSR. It's full of funky and cool music that plays as BGM. Even Rob Zombie's Dragula is here! The link is to a song called "'Bout the City". Overall - JSR is definitely a must-play. The concept is absurd, but enjoyable. It emphasizes originality and freedom. It's one of my favorite SEGA games in my opinion. I give it a 9/10. Nothing is perfect, though.
  6. Your points are well organized and agreeable, Ed. Nice job.
  7. Some of you might already know of the upcoming Sonic game, "Sonic Boom". According to Nintendo, they and SEGA formed a partnership back in May of 2013. They agreed to make the next three Sonic the Hedgehog games Nintendo exclusives. The first two were "Sonic Lost World" and "Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games" (that's a mouthful). The last game to be released remained a mystery, until early 2014. It has been revealed to be "Sonic Boom". To support the game even more, there's going to be TV series on Cartoon Network starting fall! All the characters in the game were given redesigns. The most notable redesign is that of Knuckles the Echidna. From an interview for the TV series, the redesigns were meant to represent the character's personality. What confuses me the most is Amy's redesign. It portrays her as that smart and serious girl of the group, despite she has been almost the complete opposite in previous Sonic games! It even says on the "Sonic Boom" website that Amy is "Smart and confident, with acrobatic skills to match". Tails is portrayed as an intelligent engineer, Sonic as an adventurous guy, and Knuckles the buff hot head. These make sense. Not so much of Amy's. Additionally, all the male protagonists wear what appears to be bandages either on their hands, feet, or both! Their designs were meant to depict the character's personalities, but I don't understand the purpose of the bandages. Was it to make the characters look cooler? Or is their a non-existent back story that will never be revealed because SEGA is SEGA (and swell). I may be quibbling at this point, but take a look at the characters. Did you find it? Of course not (unless you read ahead). It's the characters's (that's a correct use of 's) textures. The textures have been present in recent modern games, take a close look at Tails's texture. You may need to do a Google search to comprehend better. Tails is a fox with two tails, and of course he's furry. However, his texture in "Sonic Boom" appears to be furrier than his recent designs. (Keep in mind that this is coming from the picture above). I have compared Tails's "Sonic Boom" texture with textures from other CG (computer generated) artwork of him. You can also see it with Knuckles, but Tails has a more prominent texture. This wraps it up for my first post. You can post your thoughts below (if anyone even cares about SEGA anymore).
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    This just my first album consisting of pictures (drawn by me) of a speedy blue hedgehog.
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