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  1. I wanted to purchase an xbox one, PC is way better than MS' console, I don't want to buy the xbox one only to play Halo 5, I know they don't want to loose money on this, but it'll make many players happy! Help us get halo 5 on pc! http://www.change.org/petitions/microsoft-bill-gates-bonnie-ross-and-frank-o-connor-make-halo-5-available-for-pc Please, share...
  2. I say bull****, console games are easier to pirate than PC games.
  3. Windows is a microsoft platform, xbox too, Halo is owned by Microsoft, it should ne Microsoft exclusive and available for both platforms.
  4. Hello, my name's SlashedPie and I'm an huge fan of Halo, that's why I registred to this website.
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