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  1. Cant say I know you AD but I do know from the first time I played with you you are hands down one of the best representatives on this forum you made sure I know that the actions of others in the TNT night was not the way you wanted anyone to see or even think that this is how 343industries.org was. Thank you Dog for being a outstanding and honorable player you are one of the main reason I am Here. I look forward to seeing you again on the fields of old school halo any halo game.
  2. 'I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the Red Rings on your xbox. I am Darkwing Duck!'
  3. are you using a windows 8 laptop, not sure if that is what you ment but it just occurred to me that thar may be some compatibility issues with Halo CE as it is a older game and windows 8 may not fully support all modes of the game. would highly recommend reinstalling halo make sure you have DirectX 9.0 installed im sure you do. also check what other devices may be runing on your network I.E. taking up all you bandwidth.
  4. Not many of us left that have or are still playing Halo CE on pc, but I will try to help my first thought is how are you connecting your im guessing the Samsung laptop to the Internet if you are using the wifi I would highly recommend getting a lan cable ether net cable and conect deretly into your router. Test and see if that helps. Now all of this is to help prevent lag while you are playing online, if the lag is with your pc while playing the campaign that is a completely different fix. let us know how it go's.
  5. Just a heads up dont throughout your scratched game's take them in to a game store not gamestop lime hastings some have a dvd buffer that can and will remove scratches from old games its usually cheep to have done as long as the game has no cracks in the eye of the disk look it up if you don't believe me. hope it helps.
  6. First I would like to say that I in no way want to support or promote any illegal copying of game's, that being said I have been finding a growing number of youtube video's of a supposed Halo CE playable mod or homebred version of Halo CE, what strikes me as odd is all of these youtube video's are in Spanish, I can not find one that is written in another language was wondering if that is why Microsoft has not had the video's pulled or are they all fakes, some are pretty convincing. I ask 2 questions to you as anyone can look them up on youtube although I do not recommend downloading anything. First what do you think of Halo any classic version of the game being on a android phone or any phone for or tablet for that matter and Second if you have looked at the youtube video's do you belive its real or a home brewed game? feel free to speak your mind and expand on this topic.
  7. Intrested for sure but know that I am not going to always be on consistently have a day job wife kids white pickit fence ect. I will be looking for a group of players that are ok with a not always available hand that is willing to help the team. Platform Xbox 360 Class not sure Play style Scout/support Team Player. Wekness bad at being a lone wolf. Time zone is Mountain but im not always available so anyone that needs a extra gun that works well with others fell free to send me a friend request always love playing with others and making new friends. Just figured out what group I want to be apart of for the beta test I want to play with others that want to look for bugs in the game BUG HUNTERS after the beta I will be looking for easter eggs and more bugs and glitchs in the game used to be in a group when reach came out called QTA we would always look for ways to get out of the campaign boundaries and explore the game we got on to the scarab In the skyline outside of the spire campaign in reach, and found it had goo in it.
  8. check Gametype settings and type of game type to ensure weapons can spawn in. Also I know it sounds dumb but try moving your weapons placement to ensure thay are not in a dead zone a place ware item's cant or just refuse to be on a map found a lot of spots on ravine.
  9. always here to help even if I come off the wrong way, also just a heads up on weapon spawning as weapons that are set to spawn in when a switch is used may respawn instantly when dropped as thay seam to have no spawn time when the label dom shield is used to spawn them in do let me know what you find out about this when using the parent child label, I am vary curious about it.
  10. it is nice to spawn your maps as you play a game mode. I have spent a lot of time on this in domain using the dom shield spawn label and found that yes there is a item limit and a distance to specific items already on your map like a warthog and weapons drop will prevent your wall or items from spawning In at all also as items are spawning in after the game has already generated the lighting all items will look like the lighting is broken on your map I was devastated by this and see some of this in your video. I am vary intrested in this and if using the parent child has the sam spawning issue near or next to items on your map. Despite all that would love to see just how far you can forge a real invasion map.
  11. As a gamer Yes, I still have my NES and it works just cant play duck hunt anymore stupid lcd hdmi flat screen tv =(
  12. Map: Guilty 05.2 Gametype: Dominion Player Count: 6v6 Notes: moved back and raised Alpha lowered Bravo raised the gully floor adjusted Charlie removed the inside of Alpha moved and adjusted spawning...... Looking at overall play of the changes Film: Yes
  13. ya that's what I had feared, but I guess a light and a visual effect will do for now, im sure if there is a way its only with the use of some modded game types. Thank you Sikslik7. I will still try and hope that the option to make them visible is added soon.
  14. Hello all I am looking for a way to make a trait zone, objective, hill visible out side of forge. "if there is already a post on this please post a link or pm me it" for some reason my old brain remembers seeing a youtube video on this vary topic but sadly I have had no luck uncovering eather how to do this or the video on YouTube. Any help would be great. Thanks
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