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  1. Its like ethan said its one of the greatest honors someone can have, fighting for your country but also for family and trying to make a difference, and i know how u should feel about that situation all 3 of my cousins are in the army and had such encounters with people but those are just ******* and they don't know what they are talking about.. not for one bit Respect for u bro
  2. I'm sorry for your loss bro also alot of respect for him and you and my deepest regards to his family and you aswell R.I.P Airman Ortiz
  3. Eventually maybe just for the new Halo games that would come out on that
  4. Member Name: Vinceee Gamertag: Joltsa Favorite Colorl: Black Picture to be used on videos: My profile pic on this site
  5. And i play ping-pong with a super sized pallet
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