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  1. Xbox One will go the way of Sega Saturn
  2. If they add a forge I'll lose my mind!
  3. Short rise in excitement, long decline in satisfaction. Loved Halo 3, and reach for the community involvement, I am sorely disappointed by the 180 turn 343 has done on the community. Not interested in the bundle.
  4. Thanks dude for the feedback, I'm always willing to give advise if I can.
  5. Final version in fileshare. Added support for standard flood. Updated game play footage special thanks to the folks at online knights for the feature.
  6. Map: Helios Gamer Tag: Blaq Cloud Gametypes: KOTH, Extraction Player Count: 12 Notes: Testing Antispawn zones and how they may improve game play.
  7. A forgers project is never done. lol I have another update with "I would like to think a better middle". and KOTH support. I will post tonight and would like to run some OBJ games on. Thanks for the feedback glad you like it.
  8. Special thanks to the guys over at Halo composers for the feature. Great work on the channel guys! A little more enthusiasm would've been great though.
  9. Thanks for the feedback shoe! I'm glad you like it. Yeah I too are sad about the ghosts but they just didn't work the way I wanted. The random drops are more middle tier now, and power weapons have fixed or inital spawn. What you said about the items in the trees make sense, so I'll just move them to the ground where they are a bit more visible. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for the feedback shoe. I do have an updated version with fixed spawn snipers and needlers. I also added routes to the areas where the ghosts did spawn. I also ditched the ghosts. *** Updated Version now posted***
  11. Updated Helios has been posted.
  12. GT: Blaq Cloud Map name: Helios Canvas: Forge Island Reason: Testing fixed spawn system and general gameplay Game type: Big Team Infinity Slayer Players: 12 - 16
  13. With the help of MrGreenwithagun I was able to add some cover to some spawn points, and limit the LOS from green and Gold a little bit more. If your on tonight we can give static spawning another go before I make a final decision on which way system is best. For those that take forging seriously unfortunately it is a never ending process. Your done with a map when you decide to walkaway to start the next project. For a lot of us tasks mark the beginning and end of the process. When I test a map I hit theater right after to review from everyone's POV. So what was a 15 min game may turn into a hour long film review.
  14. As I feared, with fixed spawned came alot of spawn killing issues as the other team pushed onto the enemy side. So go with the dynamic spawning. IT prevents spawning issues, and encourages the whole map to be utilized. I also broke up some lines of sight from green and gold.
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