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  1. Jesus bro.......I don't even know what to say
  2. Bungie was better at making Halo? Halo Reach, enough said
  3. Hey guys, I'm down for this.... I need a team though. Now accepting applications!! The Silly Noobs 1.ME 2. 3. 4. lets see if this goes anywhere....
  4. Look, youre not exactly having a grown up conversation here. You haven't backed anything up you are saying about Halo 5. I am all for opinions, but you are just trash talking without providing any information that leads you to saying the game sucks.... Also, stop with the language. Period.....
  5. It has been common knowledge that the X1 doesn't play 360 games. Just a touch of research for your purchase would have told you that. Also, I wasn't fan of the menu either, however, there is a new one coming through an update shortly....​ new for a long while split screen was not going to be in this game, again, research. But I do think Halo lost a lot by ditching split screen...I played the rest of the games with my son, and now I cant. I got the Limited Collector's Edition game and the console to fix this problem and that irritates me.... ​ Its a big deal to me, too. The absence of Split Screen is the biggest miss of this release. Pretty much everything else I have let slide.... I was sad when I read the box and it didn't include a kinnect. I am also a Windows Phone User, been using the OS since it was introduced as Windows Phone 7 on a HTC Arrive. Use the console for a while...I got my first one on release day, and it has grown on me.... All consoles are moving to an always online system. To better streamline content and yes, for locking stuff down. Its the way everything is going and it sucks, IMHO. I get tired of dealing with random online players, they are jerks more often than not. I was playing with this guy today that was mad because I only managed 6 kills on slayer and the team lost by like 25 kills. He only got 13 kills himself and went way neg on K/D....a good player could have made a difference, even if one guy was a little weak. Playing together is important, I think more important than 343i or MS thought it was. I don't regret buying either of my X1s, but I understand where youre coming from. I cant believe you have a Virtua boy....like wow, I thought all those were burned and buried....lol I would like to invite you to stay a while and enjoy our community, we are respectful to one another, unlike a lot of other forums and you can find great information here to help you along your X1 journey...
  6. We are a fan site, not the actual 343i. Give haylowaypoint.com a try with this one. Thanks
  7. Foul Language will not be tolerated on this site. Do not do it again.
  8. We try, We are a fan site. However, we try and help whenever we can. Thanks for the complement....
  9. Totally useless thread....LOCKED
  10. Hey Guys!! I put together a video of the Limited Collector's Edition game and the Limited Edition Console. Hope you enjoy!! Special thanks to Church for helping make this come together. ​
  11. With skill you can counter any weapon in Halo, even the Rocket Launcher... No power weapon is instant death for someone. If you instantly die because some one else got a power weapon, you need to improve your playing skills a little.
  12. Lets not Revive old topics, please.... Locked
  13. Lets try to stay on topic, please...
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