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  1. OMG JXZAW, the very reason the world knows Halo is cause of Halo 1-3, combat evolved is the first FPS to capture the immagination of all who know and respect gaming. When you compare FPS and see games like Nova and Destiny etc, the very first thing that pops into your mind is Halo. The reason why you can't understand the difference in the story line is because your a game leach, you just play whatevers out there without rhyme or reason, thats the problem with society we love to take it all and leave nothing, our depth of thought is becoming shalow because whe're to spread out. But to be fair I was taken towards the end of Halo 4 when Cortana used the remainder of her coding to save Master Cheif, once again reminants of the build between the two in Halo 1 & 3, I guess you would like it. Halo Reach, yet another example of humanities fragile nature and its ability to be wiped out at anytime, is it so hard 343 industries to catch that, why must you persist with the cosiness of keeping everyone alive?
  2. Thanks for your insight to the obvious my friend why do you think I mentioned microsoft? Unlike you I don't get my info from the microsoft supported blind followers campaign. Bungie as a Game developer grew through its creation of Halo, however there where certain issues that both microsoft and bungie couldn't work out such as the direction of the games maybe that I'm not sure of, Halo was always microsofts by license and copyright! however the true creaters will always be bungie. Oh yeah and about your last remark on playing Destiny friend your right on that one and I suggest you play along with the orginal Halo 1-3 series it beats the cheap story line in Halo 4 and 5 any day no offence to Master Chief.
  3. Hello friends, After playing Halo 4 and Halo 5, I can honestly say microsoft has made a big mistake by not letting Bungie continue with the development of the Halo series. I can honestly say that I'm suprised that very few gamers actually can interpret the difference between 343 industries version of Halo and Bungies version of Halo. I truly am disapointed in Microsoft, and its inability to grasp the basic fundamental concept of this franchise in that the orginal games depicted a sense of honesty and realism about life and how fragile it is. 343 industries may be good but sorry to say you're bathing in reminants of another companies hardwork and commitment. Microsoft didn't make Halo famous, The games title didn't make Halo famous. Its was bungies forsight and good understanding of the story line which made Halo famous. Game developers like 343 industries and many others leach of the success of others and large multi nationals like Microsoft allow them to. The reason why America is going through so much issues now, is because cheap knock off's have replaced the original project developers. Apologies for sounding rude however 343 you shouldn't have taken something that wasn't yours!
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