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  1. il enter since the june contest crashed, burned, and twitched.
  2. call 343 support at their website halo.xbox.com
  3. i think that they both are powerfull weapons with different skilles needed to be effective with either
  4. My biggest problem is the Promethean pistol, sometimes when you charge it up and shoot at someone at point blank the rounds dont read as hitting them so basicly they phase right through the player your amming at. its very anoying. like if this has happened to you
  5. OH YEAH now were talkin iv been waiting since AUGUST for this update I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. FOR. TOMARROW!!!!!!
  6. Thank you sir for speaking some sense into these n00bs. I for one CAN NOT WAIT for halo 4 with its new ranking system and every other new feature. So quit ur crying about "its not Halo 3's ranking system" and "its turning in to CoD" if you dont like it DONT BUY IT everyone else is LOVING the new features and couldnt care less about ur opinions.
  7. Nickman5030

    Halo 4 Dub

    i liked the part were hes talkin about the trash talkin kids
  8. Whoa now that is dedication! keep on getten them credits hippie!!!
  9. I am definatly in iv compleated every halo game on legendary! Now i have the chance to be rewarded for my efforts! question when will this challenge end once it begins?
  10. Rougue What will your first armor ability choice be?
  11. I will teabag every kill that I get with a mantis now:)
  12. OMFG THIS IS AWESOME the mechs the graphics the armor I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THIS MAP AGAIN!
  13. This is an awesome new addition to XBL now people have an incentive to get achievements.
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