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  1. I'm glad you liked it, but do you mean that the 1st teleporter in the 3rd area needs improving or that all of the other ones do? I do see now that the entrance teleporter to the 3rd area looks a bit sloppy and out of place if that's what you mean. I may have to go fix that.
  2. Map Title- Error Gametype- Error (Both on SweepsP2K's File Share) Player Count- 10-16 Description- Error is a linear infection map made on Ravine. The premise of it is that a War Games Flood simulation has malfunctioned, allowing the flood to escape into other game modes. Players must prevent them from infecting the entire system. Phase 1: Players spawn in a standard infection playspace, an unaasuming building interior, complete with a few weapons and one autosentry. The flood will spawn at the bottom of an elevator shaft, and can take the elevator up to get a drop on unsuspecting players. The elevator doesn't always work as it's supposed to, but when it does, it creates a really cool effect. Players will hold out until a side wall explodes, an "Error" that will allow them to move on to the 2nd phase. Phase 2: Players will proceed next into a short but sweet racetrack, complete with many somewhat unreliable jumps. I should note that I had never made a race map prior to this, and though the track is smooth, some of the jumps can cause you to die a horrible irritating death every once in a while. It took hours to make it as good as it is, so don't harp on it too badly. Anyway, players must hurry, as the flood have obtained mongooses as well, and will not be far behind. There is a rocket at one point on the track, prompting players to stop and retrieve it, thus leaving themselves vulnerable to the flood. At the end of the track, another "Error" will teleport players to the third phase. Phase 3: Set deep in the heart of the Ravine, the next stage is an enclosed, symmetrical CTF map. Players are to hold out near one side of the map, the one with the teleporter frame in the back of it. The center and other side house zombie spawns, and any who venture there don't last long. This portion does include aesthetic "flags" comprised of antenna pieces and metal pallets, along with interesting scenery all around. Weapons include two DMR's, two Magnums, a Sticky Detonator, and a Railgun. After enough time, the teleporter frame will light up, signaling any remaining players to move on to the final phase. Phase 4: The last area of the map is a recreation of the Spleef minigame, originally made by RecklessR1ley. Riley has approved my use of this, and even helped me tweak and playtest the map through its numerous phases. Players spawn in the center of the arena, comprised of an entirely destructuble floor, while flood spawn and rain in from the spectator area above. The only weapons in this phase are two Gravity Hammers, as one would have in the original Spleef Minigame. Achievements: A lot of people liked when I did this on a map in Reach, so here once again, is a list of fake "achievements" for Error... Sorry, wrong floor (5g)- Kill a flood who has just emerged from the elevator in the 1st phase. Rocky Road (5g)- Complete the entire 2nd phase without falling off of your mongoose. Dirty Racing League Champion (10g)- Cause an enemy player to fall off of the track in a mongoose. Flagnum (10g)- Kill a flood with the magnum while standing atop a flag in the 3rd phase. I've heard of a glass ceiling, but... (15g)- Destroy at least half of the floor of the Spleef Arena in the fnal phase. Simulation Complete (25g)- Survive an entire round as a human. Simulation Failed (25g)- As an alpha flood, infect at least one human in a round where none survive. Dual Commentary with RecklessR1ley and the Creator, SweepsP2K http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1O3hB1dxjo Gameplay footage via The Online Knights Gameplay footage, courtesy of Jahavix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZfO4DnTS_c Additional footage from youtube.com/IZCJoker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u_RoVyBtQw
  3. Anything in the Tales of Series. Tales of the Abyss on the ps2 specifically is my favorite game of all time. They all have fantastic gameplay and tell truly amazing stories. Definitely play one if you ever get the chance.
  4. Wow, these are really good. I made a truck with the large crate too, but yours is better. Love the bike too; now I have to go experiment with the dominion and extraction pieces for this kind of thing.
  5. As far as requests, they definitely need to put fine editing mode back into forge.
  6. Sorry to continue posting on this, (I promise this is the last one) but I just added an additional C2D music video made by outcastduke371. It's an awesome vid, and if you like the map you should definitely check it out. www.youtube.com/user/outcastduke371
  7. I just added some gameplay footage of this map brought to you by the guys at TheHaloForgeLeague. They are a great youtube channel that features tons of community maps and has been very good to me. Check them out at www.youtube.com/TheHaloForgeLeague
  8. Very nice looking map. It's interesting to see something with such dated roots turn out so well.
  9. I think he meant the map itself. The first holdout area is almost exactly the same as the example one used by Oakley in the linear infection tips and tricks video.
  10. In the show they traveled through space, but did a lot of stuff on earth. In the finale, there was a big battle in some city, and though the map doesn't resemble it, I was inspired by it. I also wanted to escape the usual naming boundaries in forge, where all competitive maps are one word adjectives, and infection maps are the setting plus the word undead or zombie. I thought this name would stand out more, and be a nostalgic reference to me and apparently one other person. I still can't believe someone got it that quickly.
  11. Your friend is absolutely right. Countdown to Destruction was the name of the final episode of Power Rangers in Space.
  12. Oh, I almost forgot; the map's name is a reference to something as well, so bonus points to anyone who know what it's from.
  13. I think I played this with you once. It looks really good. You stick to the storage theme very well, and manage to bring some different designs to something that has been done many times. That rhymed.
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