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  1. a transport ghost, like the normal ghost but with 1 seat off the rear end on either side, meaning it could have 1 driver/gunner and 2 passengers who could use their own weapons. they should also bring back all vehicles from all previous games.
  2. Hey sorry for not using the form, but can you please make a signature with my display name on it, llamas, planes and basketballs. I don't care about colours etc so just do what ever you want! Sorry for being incredibly lazy and not posting images lol, just use what you want. THANKS!!
  3. Was pretty good, I'll have to save some of those maps and add some of you
  4. GT: CR0XLEY I can host if you want, I'm in New Zealand I have a couple of maps that i made, one of which needs a bit of work in the radar department, so just ignore your radar..
  5. I LOVE FORGE, msg me on xbox and il show you this super awesome map that took me all day to make
  6. title says it all, get a life lol. "oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh commitment to a video game"
  7. well il still be pioneer in sr121 to 129.
  8. make pioneer your last specialization because it will make you look like some boss that didn't have 18 percent extra experience points. (its what I'm doing, Mwahahahahahaha). What do you guys think, will it be cool to see a sr130 pioneer?
  9. I thought they gave it away in march? how long could it possibly take?
  10. Apparently they gave recon armour to all halo 3 players, somehow I don't have it. My gamertag is CR0XLEY I would appreciate help or insight into the matter, thanks. I just want to wear the recon armour. Would clearing my console cache work?
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