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  1. So, spoiler what if cortana is going to alter a halos output to that of a composer beam wave?
  2. Read a book called The Dragon never sleeps by Glen Cook Written '87 so its really dated but it leaves you wondering. It has all the hallmarks of ancient mysteries, The desire to know who were the first ones to Ship AI's subsuming entire crews and going off on their own mission. Massive warships turning on one another as one of their own goes rogue to galaxy wide war breaks out between 2 empires. The difference is humanity are the bad guys still driven by consumption and power but are in our sunset years as a species. There's not much mystery or sense of wonder in halo for myself personally, others new to the game might find it great and love it which I hope they do but the core mysteries have been answered. Its obvious that this installment is about power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely though there is one tid bit that has me interested. Halsey, she knew about Cortana and possibly how and why she's going about reclamation.She also might have some particular reason to be afraid that Cortana was not a normal AI. Halsey might be afraid that Cortana was too an exact copy of herself. oh in the dragon never sleeps these massive warships have soldiers ( marines ) that use power suits when deployed and are replaceable if KIA, their file is brought up and out pops a clone to replace them. The AI is the ships silent mothers but some have started to reach sentience from being in service for over 4000 years since each ships commission. Not bad for a book written 12 years before bungy put together halos story. Sorry for bad grammar. I'm on my phone lol
  3. Interesting direction 343has taken the story but there is obvious lines it could go either this way or that way. Not too thrilled with one characters development, it all feels like mass effect though it saddened me just a tad bit. I was hoping there might be whispers of the flood from outside the rim or precursors returning to take advantage of the void left by the forerunners. Why I would like to know was the point in assembling the guardians in one place? I mean think about it.
  4. So, Put the console away and unhook and restablish your reality back to the physical if you can but i bet you can't.
  5. I've just started following Halo Canon on YouTube. Why? The man has a dedication to the halo history i have yet to come across out there. I know this is probably not the place to put it and understand if it gets routed elsewhere but i found this guy a fount of knowledge and a great reviewer of anything related to Halo. I don't know if he is a member of this great forum, i'm sure he is but i would like to know for those members who follow his channel if they would like to dub him - Monitor HC001 The Archivist or just Archivist. I'm not advertising for the guy or his channel though it might look like it but i honor dedication where i see it. Check his channel and see what you think. His Catalogue video's are out there and that's what i honor, the nuttyness to go there.
  6. So, we see the team in guardians? There is one point i thought might've been a possibility. The chief just ignored Hoods order and has gone off dragging the team with him without command knowing, I knew it. Oni sends Locke out on a kill order but could be wrong as it is a bit early. This will be a first, if Guardians is based around able to play all characters. The chief and blue team to Locke. Different, might work. Thanks man.
  7. Could you or anyone update me on the Ark theory? During the fight the Didact could've swatted them aside using his force projectors unless it can only be concentrated on one object at a time. It would've been better to have the Spartans in a running retreat from the Didact who subdues them one at a time without the dialogue. The silent predator, a Reach feel would've been nice. So, where does this leave us?
  8. What's going on with the escalation 10? That's a bit out there. Different, not what i was expecting. If anything it just puts us back to the beginning.
  9. I'm sure he's says ' The key to our future lies in his past.' There's something about halo 2. The Librarian upscaled his body or evolved him but maybe she had implanted a code in our genome that once coaxed out can make us immune to the flood, there wasn't enough time or the adequate population numbers to make it effective. The flood had taken too much of the galaxy so she decided to let it ride until someone would come a long. I think he's being drawn on by the gene song. he needs to be reworked to be able to face the Didact and whatever comes after him. Installation 05? is there anything on it that could be a link? She did say to him in H4 ' Even your ancilla Cortana '
  10. You know what? They could do something completely different, they could have blue team in the campaign with the chief and you get to choose the member you want to play after you complete the first run through. 2nd, you play Locke as the mistaken antagonist but you or they don't know you're up against each other until somewhere in the game the story allows it to be meshed together. 3rd, you get to play as the Didact.
  11. Locke is a oni special artifact and retrieval expert and assasin, He was orphaned during the covenant when his planet was glassed. A part of his spec sheet is on one of those videos released to advertise xbox channel. I can't remember which one but it had kiki wolfkil on it.
  12. I wonder how far along the timeline will H5 be set? Escalation 8 places events within 72 hours after H4. So seeing it from that angle will there be a new Mark level armor for the chief so soon? How far up the time line was Spartan Ops? 6 months to a year? Yeah i'm confused at the moment.
  13. I would love to see something like the flood be able to upscale it's attack methods to grabber tentacles that can drag an ordinary human back towards the flood form but only be able to stop you from moving until you either melee it's arm off or you shoot it inert. This could pose a problem for the boys if 2 or 3 flood tentacle you at once.
  14. What about shoulder charge? I've seen that somewhere or fore arm retractable blades for silent ninja kills. good for slicing flood arms off.
  15. Yep. I had a gripe withe canon on how the flood was first deseminated in ancient times. It would have been better to have it as a mystery from infections on outer rim mining facilities. It would be more believable than frikkin canisters of powder then this powder is fed to our pets? Believable rather than the fantastic in a story.
  16. Flick shield attachment on forearm armor plates that you can flick on and lasts for 2 seconds. The same as the jackal shield but smaller, designed to keep you alive for 2 seconds longer but with a recharge of 3 seconds and drains your suit charge. It can also take a power house melee hit from an elite or a hunter.
  17. You know you're right. H5 is supposed to be the darkest one of the trilogy...What if the Didact unleashes the flood on earth or some other colony world or on Sanghelios, his composer is gone and whether he has it's specs it might have been the pinnacle of forerunner tech that it is impossible to create another without the other forerunners who created it. What if the precursors in ancient flood form return and begin wiping all life in their path in a bid to rid the galaxy of what is left of the forerunner tech and the Didact and has deemed humanity unfit to be granted the job of caretaker but this time the flood has individual entities separate from the collective animal. This time the precursors have returned and want their home back. What if the flood is the only lifeform in the universe and our galaxy was it's experiment in creating something else other than itself? How the **** would they return or how would you guys write them back in? Personally i would just have an ancient derelict forerunner fortress ship or several show up somewhere near an outer colony world close to the rim.
  18. Not necessarily killed, i didn't think of the possibility of a jet pack but at high speed it can only slightly break your speed a little. It's a hot drop, one that has been done before in the canon from H4 when Halsey was interviewed by that guy except at low fast fly by. It was done in reach when carter dropped 6 and emile off and it should be adopted due to the suits capability. The object should be to get you off guard right at the start. it would make every die hard halo fan and canon lore nut cry foul because that's what it will be designed to do and yet it doesn't break any lore and is the only way to hot insert troop reinforcements straight into the zone. No pods. Most die hards go straight to legendary so....this will force them to rethink their game pattern which most gamers have come to rely on, a certain level of expectation and game skill. They will moan and groan from the slight change but it isn't a change at all yet they will cry it is. Once they master the first level the next levels intro will have them on edge. Remember for the die hards out there they are looking to relive that first moment they played the chief but this installment looks to be you being Locke in the first section of the game so...we don't know what he's like.
  19. In this game they should only have to deal with the flood from out lying colony worlds of the ex-covenant races or snippets of reports of flood infection reaches the unsc. They really need to get a handle on the timeline.
  20. Well we know now at this current posting time that the chief might have been abducted or lost with blue team from events in escalation 8 and that is where we can close why the chief is not with the unsc. The problem lies in the timing of the story. Not 24 hours after halo 4's events he goes missing AGAIN unless escalation 9 brings him back. The Didact is also back again within 24 hours, That's ****** up man. Not good storyline continuance.
  21. Are you referring to me? If not that's ok but i will expand on the idea or add more detail. Screen goes black from the game intro and fades in with you at the back of a pelican or whatever, a pelican would be better. you have your gun and then the pilot literally says a second after you gain control of the character " Green light, Go,Go Go! " And you're pushed out 30 meters above the ground, the pelican in a low fast fly by as it's taking fire. There be won't no time to get your bearings as the ground comes up at that speed in under a second but there's enough time to learn from successive play throughs to perform a brace move. The first time should wipe out half your shields when you hit and if you don't get the brace move in time you hit with a roll and a slide but come up on your knees gun up with either plasma or bullets pinging off your shields. Some cover for the very first time will be available but the next time it's where ever the engine puts you. Wouldn't that **** you off if you didn't know that this was going to happen, wouldn't it get your blood racing as you a player from previous halo's was expecting a story but instead was thrown straight into a fight with no intel and could not get a handle on any pattern as the game keeps throwing you in different places from the first intro? No story, No long play through and then you get control of the character. The minute the game fades in you get head and gun movement but then you're pushed out. Feel free to change it if you see it could be done better.
  22. You cannot destroy a spore organism, especially one that has such a rapid effect on animal life as the flood has but it takes higher lifeforms with a brain level of intelligence to match ours for it to form a gravemind. As far as i remember the flood allowed a good portion of itself to succumb to the ancient humans attempt at combating it, a testing time or a shepherding act to drive the humans to wage a war on the forerunners. They'll be back. Remember the precursors was? said to have created it as a species wiper or final solution at wiping the slate clean and that is why the didact would stop at nothing to stop them even at the cost of an entire species. The Didact doesn't know or discounts what the librarian did to the chief yet he has a possible weapon that could combat the flood. The digitizer which could if modified could digitize the flood but that's pure speculation. What isn't is that the chief is the only human modified or evolved to be able to withstand the digitizer and that makes him hot property. Escalation 8 partly addresses this point of the chiefs modification.
  23. Only one person in fleet knows where or for what he's gone after because he sent him, Hood who knew that Osman wanted the chief for detailed invasive medical examination to determine what the librarian did and how to replicate it. Hood sent him on extended leave and when he was declared AWOL Locke was brought in by Osman to track him. 4 other spartans disappear not long after the chief goes missing and soon Hood is arrested on suspicion of duplicity. Locke suspects that what the librarian did also made the chief immune to the new element that he had a hand in finding. Cortana doesn't come back in this one though the chief is wracked with nightmares of her. Hood knows that the didact is still out there and he needs to be tracked before he returns with more destructive power or with the flood. Edit Just read the issue 8 of escalation and that throws my theory right out the door but at least we know why the chief goes missing.
  24. Azeraph

    My Theory

    Ok i'll add my 2 bits of dribbled current for the time stamp knowledge. Locke is hunting the Chief because the librarian made him immune to the didacts digitizer and quite possibly the new element that they found. Unless this has been addressed somewhere in the comics? Edit Well it has been partly addressed in escalation 8
  25. The start of the campaign should have no story, nothing but you the character dropped from a low fly by straight into a firefight. Literally the first screen should be you being pushed out and the ground coming up fast to meet you, blaster shots whanging by and your gun comes up and your off. So you die from the disorientation of the start but only to find when the screen of your respawn doesn't drop you in the same place as the first did. Little kids will love it and us big kids will moan but who's to say it's not a first? every time you die you end up never in the same place twice in an hour.
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