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  1. everytime i get into a game 2-3 ppl just leave u call this ranked. its like a mixed social slayer with a ****ty ranked system
  2. your a moron you the know the game is trash thats why you are in my thread
  3. well im getting placed against onyx teams of (4) when im plat 1 no team so how is this ranking system fair i cant even rank down either when im getting merked this hard? the sprinting is a gong show everyone sprints behind u radar means **** when they just smack me from behind when i get a power weapon
  4. sorry man im already playing league again once again another game halo trys to copy instead of sticking with what made them good in the first place. and who would release a game that they feel is **** then fix it when everyone has stoped playing it use your head man halo 5 is dead its to late
  5. So i went out and bought halo 5, i heard rank was back main reason i bought it. ok so i start off by playing the campaign about half way through it i thought the story was a joke. ok so time for multiplayer. so i start up slayer play my 10 games what i notice right off the bat 1. the game is a complete moose show. 2. people spawn behind me like all the bleep bloop time there is no working as a team to take over areas cause someone just spawns behind your team. 3. the ranking system is pathetic 343 doesnt get it through there head that the 1-50 rank system was made for halo thats what everyone wants and loved why do you think when halo 4 first came out it had 100k people playing it and within a week 90k of those people threw the game in the trash bin. ok so back to ranked i went 5-5 in my placements got ranked plat 1, what im wondering is how am i placed so high for doing so bad, so alot of noobs get high ranks. i cant even see other peoples ranks?. this is where it got back now every game i play seems like im playing against a team of 4 that is hacking or something? unlimited sprint and cod zoom i think whoever decided to mix cod into halo should get shot and fired seriously whos sour gummy worm idea was that? 343 is you read this if you wanna turn your franchise around id seriously think about adding a 1-50 rank system, remove sprint, zoom, jet sprint or w.e, noob power weapons the respond in every 30 seconds. match team of 4s with other teams. because once again my halo copy is going on craigslist cause you guys have some real not-so-great-IMO game developers that should get kicked. thank you sorry for my grammar but 343 needs to hear this because i guarantee 90% of the halo 5 players are gunna be done with this game in 1 week. halo 3 i played for 6 years straight loved everything about it. and everyone else did to.
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