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  1. well they kinda did, im not saying it as a bad thing, so dont be angry at me please. Caboose you too, Idk if you put smileys just to annoy people, dont be angry at me, im just saying what I think is true.
  2. I just wana say but damn 343 just killed every tradition of the old halos wow lol
  3. It would be better if you were to play as them instead cause like Big Boss said it isnt possible
  4. I like skins but I dont like the attachments
  5. 10/10 I just love halo 2a's graphics. I could stand half a hour looking at one area or just looking at master chief's no gap armor. More specifically I love the new textures. They keep to the original with minor changes. The problem I had with Halo 1a were that they were so out of place from the original, especially the first level right when you come out of the cryo tube, there was orange outlines on the door and a very wierd lighting, also the banshee was a major put off for me. What happened was that there was the halo reach theme put into the anniversary graphics where as halo 2 anniversary they went with the original theme of halo 2, and I love it. I PERSONALLY believe this is what all the halo games should look like.
  6. Im so glad the "Duebro" is gone, and the option to turn off killcam is great. Less medals is great too but honestly I think they should have made a ribbon system for most of the medals and for ribbons dont display on screen because they arent as rewarding or watever. Turning off spartan chatter is a plus for me too, I personally dont like it. This is all great and sheesh they really did listen
  7. yes bruh bruh its true, but it was kinda dumb for me saying that. Still gotta say though. Halo 1-3 and ODST had very similar animations, lighting, and textures. Reach, 4, and 5 are heavily different from those past games, but keep the very similar animations, lighting, and textures starting from Reach. They keep the same theme.
  8. Ha ha yo halo 5 didnt even come out yet
  9. Im sorry but what are you talking about? It has almost to nothing from Halo 2 and 3. Not even the animations are the same. No Scope/Zoom, Sprint, Abilities, Spartan Chatter, Killcams, Announcer talks too much, Skinny Players. All the things that made the first three Known for, are gone. Seriously though its closest to Reach than anything else
  10. Halo 5 seems closer to Halo reach then anything else. When 343 first said they arent gonna be any armor abilities, i had so much hope. Halo was a slowpaced game and I really wished 343 went more traditional. Still Halo 5 feels like halo but it feels more like Reach, and 4. Nothing like the first three games. The beta still is good, just that it really doesnt have the things that made halo so iconic so older fans are outraged. I just wanna say one thing though, what the hell is the point of the killcam? Did you know they said it was to modernize halo? That is the most dumbest thing I ever heard of. It is straight up copying, there is literally no point for it. "Modernizing" to me is something like adjusting the game screen or able to toggle the audio or something else like turning off aim assist. Im completely fine with Halo 5 but 343 really piss me off. Also wtf is up with the spartans acting like a bunch of teenage superstars at the ending of the game? I KNOW I cant be the only one who thinks thats corny as hell
  11. An organized forge list. If they gonna bring different skins of weapons and vehicles then it should just be on the label when you press x. Want the heretic banshee? Example: Spawn a banshee press x while your reticule is on the object and then there is a "Skin" option and just go left to right til you selected the "Heretic" skin. If thats how you want your banshee to always look like when you spawn one then press [button] on the label to select as favorite. Want the infected red energy sword? Then do the same. Simple and Easy As for the generating lighting. Just toggle it in the start menu, so it will happen whenever you choose too.
  12. I feelz the pain too. I liked halo because it was unique. This the new generation Halo though so your just gonna have to adapt.
  13. Iike I said I dont have anything against halo evolving. I enjoyed Sprint in Halo 4 and Im more happier it is balanced in Halo 5, I also liked all the new weapons, because they are all unique. I didnt really get to say much about the other games either. I liked Halo ODST but it was just corny, and Halo Wars you dont really count it. Halo Reach was good, change stuff for no reason. Halo 4 was kinda bad although it was 343's first game, and it was kinda bad because they went and copied everybody else and completely destroyed what made Halo unique from other games. Now in Halo 5, they are doing the same and going with the trend. A Halo game to me is about uniqueness, you see in halo 3, we had ranked and social, then in Halo reach we had firefight. What Im saying is 343 should stop and do their own thing and add back those things that made Halo different. My idea on people starting on Halo Reach being the cause of it, is because Halo Reach was where this began, with all the abilities and bunch more. I only thought this generation wants these things but clearly like I said Im wrong.
  14. After seeing Halo 5 beta gameplay Ive been sooooo upset to see my beloved Franchise turn in a different direction. I've played Halo since Halo ce and after Halo 3, Halo has gone down hill. I really thought after watching all the goodness of the Halo Master Chief Collection, that 343 would notice it and make Halo, what made Halo. Now I know it was a beta and it can change but to think that 343 really thinks that all those features they put in, Makes a Halo game? Now Im no way against Halo evolving but c'mon seriously? Dashing, Ground Pound, Smart Scope, Spartan dialogue in battle. There from other games, I was hoping for something different like maybe I dunno interactive AI?. Now we also have corny things like spartans running into battle and end game Victory/Defeat poses. I always thought they would fix or improve on what they had like the awful animations (from Reach and 4), or the spartan armor (it was tweaked but still is bad). Its basically just Common Sense. So here is the thing I have notice people defend all this and Ive been thinking maybe its just the people who started playing Halo on Halo Reach but im wrong. I see people saying they've been here since also halo ce and like all these things. For the people who are okay with this Please tell me what halo game you started playing halo and give me your reasons. Btw I couldnt think of a better title
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