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  1. I understand what you are saying, but the fact that some of these people do it on purpose is just totally annoying. I don’t play halo or pay for my online service to deal with this and then getting banned for reacting to it. A lot of these ppl that do this to me are doing it on purpose. I may have played them before and beat them, or may be doing better than them. It’s just dumb in my opinion. I play to enjoy the game and have a competitive experience. I would love to know how to report this kind of behavior and actually have something done about it. I’m all for finding a solution. I love halo, I just don’t know how to stop these things from happening. Avoiding them all game typically gets me killed very often by the opposing team because to avoid them I have to leave my team. Most of the time they get killed by the other team as well which really makes it a crap experience overall.
  2. I constantly get banned for betraying my teammates. only because they shoot me and annoy me to the point i die by the other team constantly, then I defend myself and get banned. This is so dumb to me! I have been a fan of this game and spent enough of my money on it to continue to deal with these things. It’s ridiculous! This will be the reason I stop playing halo and sell my xbox all in all. Thanks 343, for destroying the enjoyable halo experience that caused most of your consumers to even play this game!
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