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  1. Hey there, welcome to 343 Industries! We have an entire section devoted to fan dedication! Please, step right this way and make yourself at home! There's lots of fantastic creative minds out there that contribute to the innovative game that brings us all together. http://www.343industries.org/forum/forum/71-halo-books-music-history-and-member-created-works/ We all wish you good luck with your artwork... Just remember to have fun, and you'll have a blast around here hanging out with your fellow fans! You never know, one of these days, you might become official if you achive legendary drawings!
  2. Do I Like Brutes? Do I Really Really like Brutes?............... YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Just look at these guys. JUST LOOK AT THESE HANDSOME STUDS. If the SHEER POWER of all that SUPER STRONG SEXY muscle didn't make you a man, then the Gravity Hammer will.
  3. And THIS is why Brutes approve of Group hugging. For warmth and comfort and stuff. Just remember....
  4. It's just Johnson...... and his Johnson. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  5. Don't even get me started on Jiralhanae. There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING mentioned about them!.. like.. what... What in Tatarus's name HAPPENED to them after Halo 3? For all we know, they could be jumping around like a bunch of Butt Monkeys.... IN SPACE...... while they dress up fabulously at a talking pony's carousel... all the meanwhile playing the traditional game of Extreme Floor Peeing back at their home planet. The answers were thrown out the window, just like our hopes of exploring deeper into the vast, unknown univese of Halo.
  6. I'm honestly not surprised at this point..... After all, we're talking about the same sell out that thought STAR WARS KINECT was a good idea. That's like if 343 stopped develpoment on Halo 5, and gave us UNSC DANCE OFF WITH THE COVENANT, then dive right into the pile of money they made while ignoring all the requests to continue the epic game.
  7. I never said it was true.. but it's a good reason why to stop it if they are considering it, in any sort of way.
  8. December 2009 It was that Fateful Christmas day.... I received not only an Xbox 360, but a HALO 3 LEGENDARY EDITION XBOX 360! I wasn't too fond of First person shooters at the time... but Halo 3 would be the game to set me straight and see how great these games really are. Blowing through the campaign for the first time, It really opened my eyes to how gorgeous everything actually is in the world of Halo... As the wind blows on the trees, the Tension of the Marines, along with the Arbiter's eagerness to get going gave those faces character. Shots would make realistic splashes on the water, and Helpless Unggoy would be screaming as they gave it all they got just to survive 2 more seconds.... It all felt........ Alive.... For the first Xbox 360 game I ever played, Halo 3 left an unmistakable impression on me... and I haven't backed down from it's efforts and achievements ever since.
  9. Regarding the recent articles covering the new Xbox 720... http://www.edge-onli...and-new-kinect/ ...Always... online...... connection. ...No, let me repeat that to make it clear. FORCED. ONLINE. CONNECTION. If you don't already see the problems with this, allow me to show you why this is perhaps THE DUMBEST IDEA ANYONE COULD HAVE COME UP WITH. Imagine if HALO has this because of the forced connections. NOBODY will be able to play a game of Halo 5 EVER AGAIN once the servers for the Xbox 720 get shut down for the next console after that. Do you want this to be Halo's future? I DON'T THINK SO.
  10. Well, WELCOME BACK to Halo, sonicbullet534! I haven't got a single doubt you'll come out and make some of the best maps we've come to know for Halo 4... There's so much to see and do in Forge that you'll feel like a Covenant God creating a mere step on the way to completing the Great Journey! If you've got creativity, you've got a good idea, and if you've got Forge Skills, put the two together like Husband and Wife, you'll get the perfect couple that'll be admired by the entire community! GOOD LUCK, and enjoy your stay around 343!
  11. We'll Never Miss you, mate.... It's sad to see another brother of mine go, but.... We all know that you're going to bigger and better things in life from here. Go fourth, and with the strength welling inside you, you'll emerge stronger than ever before! Whatever you're going to be doing, I'm sure you'll be very successful in doing it.
  12. Halo Wrap-Up Halo Wrap-Up Let's finish our site with sheer class Halo Wrap-Up Halo Wrap-Up Because tomorrow Staff Playdate is Here
  13. WELCOME TO 343 INDUSTRIES! We're happy to have you here in this community, alongside every fellow Halo fan around! I've gotta be honest with you, though... My GOLD Membership has expired... Unfortunately, I won't be able to play with you until it gets renewed, but in the meantime, You've got ALL your pack all around you! No, we're not a bunch of Brutes, but I'm just somebody that happens to like them. A lot. So, in the name of Tatarus, find a mate, and "Tear them into bloody ribbons!" You're bound to find lots of good friends willing to play a game or two around here, so I wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect partner.. but above all... Have fun and enjoy your stay while you're ahead!
  14. Arcades...... were, and are a one of a kind experience. It's where word got out that a Square ball bouncing back and fourth on a black and white monitor (Pong) was going to be the next big thing... Thus, began the rise of the video game industry... Shortly after, Home editions were on the way, leading to the very first video game consoles, even if they only had one game built into them, and they couldn't be changed... This lead to consoles that ran off of cartridges (Magnavox Odyssey), the first high scores to have ever been saved to stare in awe at the glory (Space Invaders), And greater graphics that no home system would ever dream of competing with. Needless to say, without arcades, HALO WOULDN'T EXIST along with the entire video game industry as we know it nowadays.
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