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  1. I think it looks AMAZING!!!! Ah it will be oh so beautiful to get back into the good ol' days.
  2. Well BZ always remember I'll always be here or on Xbox for more jokes. So wherever you are or whatever your doing and have a joke let me hear it.
  3. I vote for Zag. Cause Zag is Zag. Zag is everything. lol
  4. Congrats On MoM Syko. I hope you have fun being on the forums as the new Pink Demon. May your reign of terror be filled with all the fun you hope for.
  5. I didnt get to do the Challenge. . But Ill do it anyways just so I can say I did. But I might just turn all skulls on, and go solo for some good SLASO time. You may find this weird. But I love doing SLASO.
  6. Im not sure why they arent updating the weekly or doing weekend jackpots. But I also do have to look at the challenges, seeing it would be pointless for me. I dont need credits anymore. But I too play Reach still as well. Although the numbers have dwindled down to the 6k's. But one reason why they arent updating could be caused by the fact of them focusing on their game. And maybe be caused by them also working on Halo 5. I think Reach maybe being let behind in the times.
  7. Wait a minute!!! If she left why would I get spammed. Dont you know Hippie's are for peace not war. Plus I wouldnt let her leave anyways. She has to stay on these here Forums for all ETERNITY.
  8. YAY. I married a good mom, I mean MoM. lol But she really does thank you guys for this. In fact you guys actually made a tear appear. But Mandi your Reign of Terror is over. lol
  9. Ive never lost any XP. But I keep hearing about it. And as far as Lag goes for me. You will dont wanna know. I Lag at some point in every game. Kinda irritating. And my wife wonders why I get Halo rage. lol But as for the XP im not sure how to make it stop or anything. I can look around and ask people. So if I find anything out Ill be more than willing to let you know.
  10. YAY. Fellow believers. I loved Halo 2's campaign. I actually still find my self playing it today. But I also like ODST campaign. Mainly cause it all was in the city minus 1 mission. But out of all of them I think Halo 2 takes the cake. Halo 2 by far set the standards for Halo today.
  11. Hmm well I guess thats your loss. SWAT on solitary is awesome. And yes there is ALOT of Bungies employee's that work for 343. The reason Bungie didnt want to re-new the contract is cause they wanted to go out and make more than Halo. Bungie wanted to go out and make something other than a first person shooter. They wanted to build something that didnt revolve around Halo. PS. If it wasnt for MS buying Halo from Bungie in the beginning, we prolly wouldnt even know what it was. It was originally made for a console called ONI, Yes ONI. So just be thankful that Halo is even around.
  12. I have almost 15k GS. I have had XBL about 2 years I think. Most of my gamerscore is Halo. lol
  13. I think by the time they are done with Halo 5 or whatever they are going to call it, It should be a fantastic game. By the time they are done developing it, they will have figured out what and how they should of done some thing differently. I also believe that Halo 4 wasnt all bad. Just different. But in all then next one should be great. Just hope the commendations and ranking is a little harder to do.
  14. It happens to me ALOT!!!! I usually just reset my modem, and if that dosnt work I shut my Xbox off and then turn it back on. Sometimes it works, sometimes.....not so much. But there is also time when I do that it seems to work. But then 1 or 2 games later. Black screen. It like my Xbox slaps me in the face and goes "Ha fooled you". But most of them time it usually fixes its self. There is also the problem of people's NAT not being open and it just so happens that your internet dont like it much. So you go black screen or lag terribly. I hope this helps.
  15. Me personally, I havent had that problem. But as far as It goes from what I have gathered from reading is, There has to be a way for you to get it if you keep running into people doing that much. Im not sure but if I figuer it out I will let you know. I know someone who can pretty much tell you every glitch and show you how do do them. But Ive never heard him say anything about this. Ill ask around and see if there is a way to avoid/use it when ever. But as far as have played I havent had any issues with people using AC. And are you sure they're not just crouched and you didnt miss them. Ive done it. Im sure everyone has.
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