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  1. Repulsion along with Repulsion CTF is on my fileshare, search VEF214. "This training bridge has known only the bloodiest of conflicts. Direct engagement sees the ground littered with the fallen." Bridge map with a center chokepoint and adjacent ramps. Red and blue team both have spawning bases on either side of the bridge. Overlooking walls are lined with turrets. The main focus of this map was no precision weapons and only a UNSC pallete. No DMR, BR, Magnum (except for flag carrier), no gauss warthog, no scorpion, and no sniper rifle. I thought this would be an interesting change of gameplay. Players must suppress and pin down the other team and hold them in their base to capture the flag. Vehicles are crucial. I will have pictures soon! This is an amateur forge map. Big team designed for 12-16 players. Enjoy! Please check it out. This was a quick map I put together in a night. I will be putting together more serious maps in the future (will spend more time on them.) Thanks. I would appreciate any kind of feedback. This map is still in its very very early stages. This map is for all you who want just an epic bloodbath between two forces with bullets always flying everywhere.
  2. When I start up Halo 4, this message appears: "Unable to write to your gamer profile. Please make sure it is not on a removed storage device or on a storage device with low space." My gamer profile is on my hard drive with 2.6 gb of space left. I press OK, Waypoint and XBOX live Marketplace are locked, everything is reset as if I just started playing it. The campaign is reset, the Infinity cut scene plays, my spartan is red with recruit armor. What's going on? When I bring up the dashboard, my gamer profile is a grey square, I have 0 gamerscore, and my avatar is a grey starter avatar with nothing on it. It also says "You're not connected to Xbox LIVE." When I press connect to Xbox LIVE, an error message pops up saying "Your connection to Xbox LIVE has been lost. Please sign in again." I hit test connection, all 3 connections test green and good to go. From Xbox 360 > Network > Internet > Xbox LIVE, everything is connected. Under LIVE status, service, xbox stores, accounts, and matchmaking are all "up." When I press PC Connection, both the network and PC are connected. Xbox 360 > Network > PC, everything is connected. I played Halo 4 earlier this morning, and everything was fine, I get back home later and this happens. Help? When I log onto my profile on the computer, everything is fine and looks good.
  3. Danger Canyon is a classic name, simple and clean. You know there's gonna be a canyon and enemy players all around. How about Peril Canyon? Danger Valley? Something that links it back to its former name in some way is good, since 95% of Halo players don't know about the Halo CE PC maps. Are you saying there's a reincarnation of it in Halo 4? "Or do you not know about the map Danger Canyon from Halo CE?" Whoa buddy, don't go there.
  4. Extraction will be available in war games post-launch... what.
  5. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-US/halo4guide Extraction?
  6. All the missions will take place only on Requiem?
  7. edit: remove this topic didnt see other one
  8. If I was a gamer girl, I would not advertise. I would only play with people I knew IRL for this very reason.
  9. Wow that font/size is hard on the eyes. The way I see it, seeing gameplay or reading about it =/= playing it yourself. Even though you know what will happen, the experience itself is novel, so in the end for me at least no hype has been ruined, and no excitement has dwindled.
  10. This episode is a testament to how bad the AR is.
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