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  1. you know i support all of the changes, expect Rumble Pit, that was my fav playlist, that and invasion, i hope things remain the same..though i will admit to see how this new gametype plays out!
  2. good point, anything at this point would be nice!!!
  3. Now i know most people troll fourms or search the internet for every ounces of info out there, but how many of you guys go on youtube still for a laugh and cry, It is amazing how things change, my account http://www.youtube.c...98?feature=mhee has seen "some action" but what about the unsung people who make half-decent vids. I had a friend who made great videos, yet he did not recieve a heave fan base, i guess i could have made this a poll but i think its better if thoughts and idea are given. Just give your ideas, that enough to ask
  4. At least someone here knows what they are talking about..... nicely put!
  5. How about you all start taking programing classes, you think its going to be perfect on the first run through. Halo never had an online component (except PC edition) of course there will be some issues, remember the original game is still in play, even when you have the new gen graphics active. Halo 1 was never meant to be played online, so its not 100% compatible to everyone in terms of connection and quality of signal. And as for the OP's points, I've never had any of those issues, might be your disc, the only thing I have notice is the slight delay of the lip movement and speech of most of the character, but that was expected.
  6. You two made valid points, most likely its for the HCEA owners, but on the same note, why does it say people are in it at the moment, would that be the glitch??
  7. Even though its fake I like that idea for a menu, its just a map of the galaxy, creative and artistic. I believe the reason why it wasn't include is because the HCEA was released too early in reference to the development of Halo 4. The both halo betas did very well, and those were limited to the people who had the game invites, maybe like someone said before, have an Open beta, but for those that bought HCEA, later on maybe they will receive a early access code, like Medal of Honor for BF3. Either way still buying both, CoD can go to video game hell!!!
  8. hmm good point, maybe Bungie put too much time in the Spartans, and ran out of time to do the elites , you never know
  9. Now thats a nice way to look at it. Very valid and with good details, nice work!
  10. I have always wonder what it would be like, Im a fan of Battlefield and thats a great game with 32 or 64 (xbox pc), and well ive found that they are great. Halo has always had an upper hand because of its use of tanks and jeeps(warthogs), so why not make a large map where u could have a column of warthogs making a drive by at a base, while a transport goes over head and drops a squad to secure the flag. Now the one thing in the from the past, Halo always looked beautiful, but after seeing BF3, i think its possible! Lets go 343, show us what you can do, reinvent Halo, show those CoD nubs why Halo was and always will be #1
  11. 343 did say if HCEA becomes the big/bigger fame, either after Halo4 and before Halo 5, they would make a possible Halo 2 remake, and if im not mistaken they would include a remastered Halo 2 xbox live!! there is no point in bashing this topic, cause its a great point!!
  12. and they say call of duty is way better than halo, also think about this, in terms of DLC, you end up spending more money on DLC for CoD han the accutal game, and now this, Call of Duty never had an original idea, and now they have a "new" way for them to get more money, dont fall for it, your better off buying a year of live or 4000 points for other games
  13. yeah, it should be a good thing, not only do we get to relive the "greatest game ever", but we also get a few new things all for $40, 343 is off to a good start with the fans!!!.. not to mention halo4 and zero bloom, but thats best saved for another forum thread.
  14. Just saying, but is it possible to say that maybe more towards Halo 4, that they might come up with another "Classics" map pack, bring some other maps that the community wants, and as we all kwn, once Halo 4 comes out, Halo Reach will be dead, so u could even consider it a farewell package for Reach.... and yes this is related to the page's topic!!
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