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  1. On the second level titled "Halo" kill the one of the two elites in the banshees and take it without destroying it. It is right when you land on Halo at the beginning of the level
  2. That really sounds like the pistol from Halo 1. So I really don't see a need for the DMR. Would you say that the pistol in some sort of way stole the DMR's usefulness?
  3. I don't think that they will be putting blood glitch in because of hemorrhage. And they are all ready redoing a map that I have wanted for so long and that was headlong. But now I would like a remake of Terminal, Containment, and why not Waterworks
  4. So has the changes been made to the pistol let? Caus I read somewhere that they are trying to make the pistol as powerful has in Halo 1
  5. Thanks for the support everyone. Can't wait to play Reach online again and see what is title update is all about. I just have been thinking that the pistol being more powerful and all, is that going to make the DMR not even worth picking up. So if anyone can tell me if the pistol is more powerful than the DMR that would be helpful information when I get online in a couple of weeks.
  6. Thanks twinreaper. I will be home by november 1st. My username is my gamertag so hit me up on live
  7. Twinreaper that was extremely helpful for me. Thanks for the response and good information. Can't wait to get back online and play here in about a week or so. Hope to see all of you guys on.
  8. I agree completely with what your sayn COOPD. Snipers was such a fun gametype in Halo 2 and 3, that being said I believe it had to do with the maps that were in both of those games. Reach I believe has a very limited number of good maps that would work well for Team Snipers. Which means that 343i or the Halo Community will have to make maps for the playlist. I know tons of people including myself that would galdly make maps to improve a beloved playlist.
  9. Thanks for the information guys. Also I have some other questions like is no boom for all the weapons or just certain ones? And is Reach going to have all of the new maps the anniversary has or is it separate multiplayer. Also does it make the DMR too powerful? And is the pistol as powerful as in Halo 1 now cause I have been hearing talk about that?
  10. Halo 2 was definitely the best online experience I have ever had. It was what started online gaming for me and I have never looked back. It was the only game I played for years. I mean really people when was the last time you played just one game for years. When I was playing Halo 2 I played no other game. If I heard another game was coming yeah I would read the review, might check it out at my friends house but I never bought or played another game until Halo 3 came out. I will be honest, I have since fell victim to the call of duty bandwagon, but I am only human. I went away from Halo 3 when MW2 came out. I didn't leave it cause it was better but cause everyone else did. I am proud to say that I am back with Halo and will never make the mistake again. What I am trying to say here is that we need games at don't have follow ups every year. We need to have great games that take time to make and that came be played for years. Halo 2 is my favorite game of all time. Thank you Bungie for some of the life long friends I have made and the provides memories you have given me and countless others. Those there the best times of my life.
  11. I have been deployed to afghanistan since March so I havnt been getting a whole lot of information on anything. I just found out that they are remaking Halo 1, and heard a little about the multiplayer. If someone can give me more information on this new Boom update that would be much appreciated. And yes I have read some articles on it but I fully understand it that well. Came here to get better info cause I can tell you guys know what it's like with all this "I love it/ I hate it" arguments about it
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