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Sight Pole 434: MCC Coming to Playstation and Switch


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hi guys, Maestro's here with another sight pole, the 434st one actually. In the last pole, everyone concluded that it's much easier to slide up a pole than it is to go down and that licking frozen metal ones is a great way to have some wintertime fun


totally unrelated, 343 dropped another big announcement late last night that Halo will be coming to the Playstation 4.5 and Nintendo Switch S Nintendo, ripping consumer and investor expectations. After emerging from a Cadillac SUV with blacked out windows in a weird-smelling cloud of fog somewhere in Vancouver, Frankie, Bonnie, Shigeru, green Mario, and some guy from Sony told my uncle's friend who works for Polygon that "the MCC will go wherever you want it to" and then asked for some Doritos. Yeah, that's a thing that happened.


So My question for you is; what will happen to the XBox now that Fortnite's dying?


April Fool's!

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I clicked the link like a fool realizing this was posted on April 1st, well played.


I was about to say, "Lolz no way Microsoft would play ball with Sony"



Sony is like that kid in the school yard that was lonely because he chooses to be and misses out on all the fun things with friends.


Meanwhile Microsoft and Nintendo are chilling out at the basketball court, Nintendo likes Microsoft and they are now friends.






Sega and Atari dropped out of school, no one has seen them as of late...

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