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REQ packs, armor unlocks, campaign


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The REQ packs in Halo 5 in my opinion are done wrong. In order to get that armor set you want you need to open a REQ pack and hope its in there. The thing that made the other Halo games so good is their combination of skill, patience, and hard work. In Halo 5 you don't need any of those to get what you want. In the older Halos you had to look at the armor you wanted and find out the requirements needed to unlock it and you only got the armor you wanted. The requirements needed to unlock the armor you wanted were challenging and required skill and patience. After you put in the blood,sweat, and tears you would get the armor you wanted. Now the way you get armor is based all off of luck. Someone could want a armor set like Noble and have played the game for over a two years and not have gotten it, while a new person can open up their first REQ pack and get the noble armor and not even want it. I personally think this is unfair to the player base. The players bought the game and were promised an action packed game with customization feature and a good campaign. They didn't get that. What they got was a game where either you get spawned killed or you run for a minute every time you mess up, and they get a campaign that is repetitive, and sure they can customize their character but they cant have their character look the way they want because they have to get lucky in order to get the armor they want.


The armor unlocks in Halo 5. The armor unlocks to me are an effort to please the people who think that the way you should get armor is to unlock it and in a way it did please me... until i learned how you have to unlock them. In order to unlock the unlock able armor in Halo 5 you have to buy the Master chief collection. From what i understand you get nothing for completing the campaign on legendary because the armor you would get for completing the campaign is now impossible to get unless the bought the master chief collection and beat every Halo game on legendary. This is wrong. Someone bought your game so they shouldn't have to give you more money to get the other part of the game they already bought. You know Bungie ,the old makers of Halo and the ones who made the armor earning system perfect and the gameplay amazing, also tried to take their players money in a similar way. Do you know what happen to them? Over half the people who played their game stopped playing and actually sold their game. I couldn't even sell the game. Not even to the game store that buys games for consoles or devise that aren't around anymore because they already had twenty three copies of the game. The fact that you made it to where all the older armor was only unlock able through the master chief collection really made me mad. New players to Halo don't have the master chief collection so you just gave them a big middle finger and people who cant afford the master chief collection cant get the armor too so now you guys are taking away their ability to take their mind off of life and the stresses of it because the immersion of the game just got hit by a ******* truck. When i played Halo Reach i never once fell out of immersion. I played Halo Reach's campaign multiple times and each time i always feel like i am part of the Noble team. I have yet to be immersed by Halo 5's campaign. I stopped playing after i decided that while the campaign was better than i thought it would be it is still pretty terrible and needs a better story. There is a big gap between Halo 4 and Halo 5's campaign. While it was okay to leave a gap between Halo Reach and Halo 4 because master chief was a freezer burrito and didn't know what happen it is not okay to do the same to halo 5 because a lot has happened since then. Through the whole line of Halo games there has never been a gap in campaigns that wasn't at least mentioned. As i said the Halo 5 campaign is repetitive and i stopped playing because all my team mates are only useful to get me up when an enemy grunt pulls out his shiny new dying ******* star of some far away place that i don't know because i bought the game for fun and i only catch up on the history of halo when it directly relates to the game. The campaign is easy the only hard part is trying to find the ammo to fire back at the enemy and trying to not die from a heat seeking nuclear bomb.


Honestly i think REQ packs could be useful if used correctly. I think that REQ packs should only be used for weapon skins, weapon variants,  and vehicle variants. While we are on the subject of weapon variants i think that you shouldn't have to open a REQ pack for a DMR because in every Halo with the DMR in it you could've used the DMR just as easily as you could've used the assault rifle. I also think that you should go back to military ranks instead of spartan ranks because it feels more immersive and it feels like you accomplished something, not just ranked up. One thing that i think everyone should keep in mind is that Halo Reach succeeded because everything in the game ran with each other. Everything from the ranking system to the armor design to even the map design all ran with each other making it feel like you were actually at someplace during a time. Each set of armor was different but still had the same rouged feel, and every map was different but still felt like they were built during an industrial age. The colors reflected the mood which was serious and sad. As the campaign progressed the world was crumbling and the feeling of helplessness started to set.Each mission had an important task to do not a get from point a to b but a get from point a to b by going around massive maps and completing objective which now in Halo 5 would be considered a mission per objective, but in Halo Reach one mission had possibly over twenty objectives. The ending where you die showed just enough to show that you've died but it showed so little that it would make you want to redo the campaign because you felt like maybe the second time it will be different, maybe the second time Noble team will live. No two missions were the same thanks to those and that is what Halo 5 is lacking and to be perfectly honest Halo 4 too. Even though the Halo Reach campaign was one of the hardest campaigns to complete people still played it because it was fun and it hooked people. People ended up playing Halo Reach's campaign for the story not the challenge or the fun. That's what Halo 5 is lacking. Even in the matchmaking you are reminded of the campaign in many different ways. You guys also changed so much about the armor that is to honor Noble team by changing the names and the look. Commando is now Noble and you now look like an iron man rip off. and the same with the others too. You should've made the recruit armor from Halo Reach and named it Noble 6.


There is a lot to complain about in Halo 5 but i'm thankful that i can play a Halo 5 because with out 343 Halo  probably would've stopped or for all we know would've been complete trash. One last thing. Maybe next Halo game they should make like stances or something that you only get if you live in a certain state. I also mainly was sort of yelling at 343 so i said you a lot but if someone would like to add or comment on something i said its a free country so go ahead and voice your opinion on the matter.

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