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Mr Biggles

Big #2 "Biggles Style" MLG, Positioning, The DMR

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Hello again! After receiving positive feedback from Entry #1, i thought i would continue in the same vein (structure wise and typing wise) but it will be different, i promise. <3


So lets get started.



1. Why not to play MLG and Team Snipers


There are a number of reasons why not to play MLG and team snipers, one of the reasons is the fact that, MLG especially, is seen as the "Hardcore Playlist" or whatever you want to call it, its for people who want to feel a challenge, but also however, to have good teammates who have played for ages, and are veterans in the game. If you go into MLG, just playing team slayer and a bit of Team Objective isn't going to cut it, when you feel ready you can cope in MLG, go, but, i would recommend going in a team of 4 (4 players search in the same party) so you don't get abuse from other people because you haven't learnt as quick as them, this is also technically the same for Team Snipers, but the concept isn't really as bad.


2. How Useful is the DMR and why?


Im going to come from this post from a perspective that you never played H2 or H3 and don't know what the BR is, if you have, there's no need to read this section, again, if you're new to Halo, this is important.


The DMR, is arguably, the most lethal weapon in the game aside from the rockets (Obviously because they are OverPowered in reach) but the DMR can do so many things, even with bloom. The weapon it self, if hit correctly, can be a 5 shot kill (this basically means you can hit the first 4 shots on ANY PART of the body, if you hit the 5th shot on the head, then its a 5 shot kill, anywhere else, and you won't kill them (this is only if they have full health/shields), it can also do a number of things, like knock many scoped weapons (like the sniper) off of scope, making it harder to even hit a shot on you with it, let alone shoot you in the head, it can take down shields so the other teammates can pick up the kill (important in Slayer/MLG), and it can do other things which i guess you can find out yourself.


In turn, as i said, the DMR is so lethal cause it can do so much, like the BR in halo 3/halo 2, hopefully no bloom will make the DMR even better.


3. Sniper Use


so im sure all of you now-a-days LOVE the sniper because its such a good weapon, and everyone wants to make huge plays with it, but, if you're a noob, you will basically want to learn with it, and worry about the triple and overkills later. So this is how to use a sniper:


1. Stay back and let people expose themselves, because if you're new, the last thing you want to do is to get up forward on the map, and lose the team's sniper & lose control of key weapons, because, if you're by yourself in the game, you will be hated on forever.


2. Practice! Don't worry if you miss occasionally, it happens to everyone, with practice comes perfect, just keep aiming for the head and eventually it will be a regular thing and you will be hitting them headshots like a pro!


4. Positioning In General


Positioning is something very hard to master, but if you do, if you can master positioning on every map, you will be the best. you can go pro and own every game with a good DMR, Good sniper and GREAT POSITIONING. Positioning is the key to any game, and it can make or break a game.

On every map, its always a good idea to try & stay as high on the map as you possibly can, because that way then you will have a height advantage on everyone else and they will find it harder to shoot at you and you can shoot at them freely and because you're higher, apart from having the height advantage, there aren't that many places your opponent can hide or get away, because you should always be able to see them and shoot at them, killing them easily.

Another tip is to not lose position! because otherwise you will be more vulnerable and will lose the advantage of just having simple heighest difference, and it could cost you and your team a lot in general, don't rush around for a kill, just let your teammates clean them up if they run off and put shots on, the only time you should lose position is if you are going to die, i will explain why in my next entry, it may seem obvious, but there's a hidden agenda about it.


5. Watch Professional Plays


the reason i say this is because Pro plays can teach you so much more then any of my tips can, and if you find commentary on plays, that's even better, because that's also a good way of showing how even pros go wrong, pros aren't perfect, no one is.


here's 2 plays you should watch:






watch these and learn off of them, it will help so much.



i hope you enjoyed this, ive enjoyed making my first two, and im doing this because mostly i love this community, and i want to improve new players :)


In entry 3, i will discuss:



Life Over Death?

Moving a flag (Normal Settings)

Different Movements

More on Pro Plays.



Hope you enjoyed this, feedback would be great ;D

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yeah, it did take me a while to post, i got halfway and was thinking how i was going to structure it.


i thought i did pretty well, i can't wait until sunday! :D

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hmm, not really, because General discussion is the first place most people go, people don't normally scroll down the page the second they got on the site, they go to GD, because that's where everyone is, and it isn't really Halo reach - related in that respect because its not talking about maps or games or anything, its talking about something better. :D

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Once again great advice! Actually directed one of my buddies to check this out as he's just about to pick up reach.

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it isn't really Halo reach-related in that respect because its not talking about maps or games or anything, its talking about something better. :D

I'm Father Bullet, the 343i.org's Spiritual Leader, and I approve this message. :yes


Twam be with you!

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This is tight man.... Helpful info. I found it a while back, didn't have time to read it, but found it again :D

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