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What is the fastest way to upgrade your REQ level during Warzone? & Do cards last multiple rounds?

Samurai Raiden

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I'm not talking about earning REQ points, I'm asking: During Warzone, does the entire team's REQ level go up together or do you unlock REQ levels personally? 



I've noticed that when I use an XP boost during Warzone, in the loading screen for the next game I play, it still looks like it is active. Do XP boost cards last for multiple games or are they 1 time use?

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You do have to earn each REQ level yourself but there's a timer for each level.


If you don't reach the next REQ level before that time runs out then your automatically pushed up to it. It only goes to 3 or 4 though.


If you activate an XP boost it lasts one game BUT THE GAME AUTOMATICALLY SETS ANOTHER ONE ON. So unless it's deactivated it uses all of your boosts

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