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Steam Summer 2015 Sale

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Steam Summer Sale 2015



The beloved steam sale has begun! From June 11th to the 22nd, thousands of deals for Steam games will be available.

If you have any games you would suggest other members of the forum pick up (such as those you want to play with other members),

post them below, especially if they go on a super sale! Feel free to coordinate and discuss! Also try to include how intensive a game runs.


If you haven't already, make sure to join the steam group, and make sure to share you Steam ID below so we can add you: 




Sikslik7's Suggestions:

Total War: Attila (RTS/TBS mix, set during the fall of Rome, heavy on computers, but playable on most)

Total War: Rome II (RTS/TBS mix, set during the rise of Rome, somewhat heavy on CPU, but playable on most)

Agoe of Empires II HD and Age of Empires 3 (RTS games similar in style to Halo Wars, Each is different, but both a great buy, runs on most computers without problems)

Don't Starve Together Beta (Survival game, many members have it, can run on most computers)

Civilization V (Classic TBS, most people have it, runs on most computers)

7 Days to Die (Hardcore Minecraft, with guns and zombies. You'll hate the early game, but that just makes you want to play it more.





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One of today's best deals is undoubtedly the XCom: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack, which is currently on sale at a whopping 80% off for just £5 (or your regional equivalent). This pack includes the Enemy Within DLC which adds a massive amount of content to the game, as well as a set of bonus missions and customisation items. Even if you're not normally a fan of turn-based combat, for such a low price I'd thoroughly recommend trying it out!

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I highly recommend Don't Starve Together. It's a very fun game with an extremely high replay value, thanks to its randomly generated worlds. It runs quite well on most computers. If it can run on my potato laptop at 60fps with few problems, then it should work on yours! The amount of vanilla characters and custom characters spice up the gameplay with different strengths and weaknesses (and sometimes hilarious designs). Aaaaaand some members may have it. Its appealing artwork and dark sense of humour are also wildly entertaining. :hrhr:


I would also recommend the solo version of Don't Starve. What it lacks in multiplayer capability it makes up for it with multiple world maps, more exploration, and some goals. You have to find a way to get home by finding items around the world or go on an adventure to stop the main villain.


Also it has great music. For example, listen to 

that plays during the spring while you chop down trees or mine boulders. It's just fantastic.
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Steam ID is Raptorunbound.

I would recommend Torchlight 2. Very good if you don't mind playing a Diablo clone.

Also just fyi, I'll be at work so I may not accept any requests until I get home at 6 or 6:30 cst.

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