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20th Anniversary for Playstation and what they are doing for the occasion!

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Some recent Console news for you!

Recently, Playstation turned 20 years old! For this special occasion, Playstation will be turning one of their PS4's into a PS1, only in colors though!


To go further on this topic, a recent GameSpot article said this, 


"Sony and Microsoft may be rivals in the console space, but that hasn't stopped top Xbox boss Phil Spencer from sending some well wishes to PlayStation for its recent 20th anniversary.


@PlayStation Congrats on 20 years of success with PS. #20YearsOfPlay

— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) December 4, 2014

The PlayStation brand celebrated its 20th anniversary on Wednesday, following the Original PlayStation's release in Japan on December 3, 1994. The Xbox is a younger platform. It was initially introduced in 2001, meaning its 20th anniversary won't come until 2021.

To celebrate the PlayStation's 20th anniversary, Sony earlier this week announced a limited-edition PlayStation 4 modeled after the Original PlayStation. Only 12,300 units will be made, and you'll be able to preorder one starting on Saturday, December 6."


I may not be the biggest fan of Playstation, but it makes me happy that gaming has gone this far! :awesome:

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I loved me some PS2 back in the day. That was some good gaming days.


Sony said they are releasing all their exclusives past and present to the Xbox for the occasion. :troll:

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