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Hey. My name's Chris.


I'm an eighteen years old gamer from Germany, searching for a Halo Clan. I'm playing Halo since I was eight. There was a time I played in MLG, but after that I didnt play a while.

That's why I'm not as far as good as days back. I would play every Halo in a Clan. Whether It's just for fun, or It's serious!


Yeah, I don't know what to write more. Just ask me Online if you want more Informations :D


GT: Tubifux Syndrom


Have a nice day!

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If you would like you can look at our Halo Reach clan at UnitedArmyForce.weebly.com or message me on Xbox for more information. Gt is Mizzou1228



1st Lieutenant Mizzou1228

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