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Jetpack Attack

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First, a link to this map's place of residence on my File Share, from where you can download it. (Gametype Download Link)


This map drew some inspiration from

Red vs Blue episode, when the most badass soldiers in the series drop in with their jet packs and fight the freelancers.


Anyway, in this map, the attackers spawn in a dropship, where there are several jetpacks to grab and weapons to choose from. Each player will grab a jetpack, arm themselves, jump out and fly into battle. Their goal is to retrieve the "artifact" (Ricochet ball) from the enemy base and return it to their ship. Their jetpacks are unlimited, and it will be their most valuable asset in this game.

Inside the dropship. The weapons and equipment are hanging on the walls for the players to grab, with extra jetpacks shown in the front, farther from the camera.


The defenders spawn in a UNSC fortress. There, they have their own arsenal of weapons, as well as two mounted turrets, which they must use to hold off the defenders. Trait zones in the base enable faster running on the bottom floor, so players can grab their weapons and get into battle faster, and disable jumping on the top floor, so the defenders can't jump over the wall and leave the fortress. (the attackers, however, can enter and exit the fort via jetpack). Their goal (the defenders) is to hold off the attackers by keeping them out of the fortress if they can, and fighting them off if they get inside, to prevent them from taking their artifact.

The defenders' fortress. The moat serves to keep the defenders from jumping out and running around outside.


The attackers should focus their gameplay on assaulting the fort and stealing the ball, but there are other ways to attack. They can grab a precision weapon from the ship and hover at a distance from the fortress while shooting at the defenders inside. The defenders have some precision weapons in their base, but not quite as many as the attackers, so it will be a bit harder to reach them from further away. While the attackers may have a bit of trouble aiming while trying to balance their spartan in midair, they can still use it as a tactic to stay relatively safe from the enemy and get a shot on them.

The attackers after they've breached the enemy base.


The attackers can land anywhere on the ground, but a low trait zone halves their movement speed and negates their ability to jump. They travel faster by air, where they fly twice as fast as your typical matchmaking jetpacker, as the gametype provides 200% movement speed. Anyway, on the ground they can grab some random ordinance drops- the most powerful of which is a beam rifle. Other drops found in the tree/rock clusters provide slightly lighter armament. However, players will have difficulty getting a clean shot at the defenders from the ground, and they have only 50% movement speed while on the ground (and 200% in the air), so once they grab their guns they'll have to flare up their jetpacks and move.

The entire battlefield. The ordinance drops are located in those clusters of trees and rocks.


The fortress is relatively simple in design. The defenders have two armories- one that supplies UNSC weapons, and the other with covenant and forerunner guns, each with a representative insignia above its doorways. The defenders will grab these weapons and head up the ramps to the upstairs area, where they'll take their defensive position.


The entrance to the UNSC weapons room in the fortress interior. The covenant room, not shown, is on the other side of the trees



Remember, half the point of this game is to get fancy with the jetpacks. You have 2x flight speed while airborne, and your jetpacks are unlimited, so feel free to get creative. Sneak around to their backside and come down on them for the assassination, or hover at high altitude while raining fire on them with your light rifle. There are plenty of alternatives to just simply flying straight towards the castle for a direct attack.

Defenders, try to hold off your enemy before they make it to your fortress. Don't camp in the ball spawn- if you do, not only will your enemy have easy access to the fort, but you won't get any kills or see any action, as you'll be isolated from the battle.



Each game is split into two 6 minute rounds, so everyone has a chance to play both sides.

This attacker chooses a more stealthy tactic, closing around on the enemy from behind for the assassination.


This map requires more players to work at its best, with 8 being the minimum recommended player count. Make sure to download the custom gametype with the map. Thanks for looking through this, and I hope you enjoy the map!


Map Download Link

Gametype Download Link

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