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Lake Placid is set within the ravine on "Ravine." The idea is this. The entire middle area of the map is a lake. Along the cliff sides there are many different paths that you can take to get yourself up and away from the waters edge. The reason that you want to do this is because most of the flood's re-spawn points are deep below the "surface" of the lake. They will continue to float up and attack from beneath your feet as long as you are swimming around. They also have thruster packs. So they can shoot themselves through the "water" very quickly.

If you are worried that this map might be unbalanced, or that there may be some impregnable hold out locations, don't be. I have spent countless days and weeks making sure that there are many different paths to every single spot on the map. It has been tested many times. Many of the routes out of the lake are easier, or exclusively possible for the flood. (due to their increased jump height) Elevating yourself will help, but you are never going to be anywhere near Safe. Especially if you are dealing with some quick thinking Flood...

I have had a ton of fun testing out this map. It really creates the fear of having something deadly swimming around beneath your feet, and the rush of having to pull yourself out onto the dock seconds before the alligator, shark, or whatever else gets a hold of your ankle. If you are a fan of Jaws, Lake Placid, Anaconda, or any other water related horror movies, you are going to like this map.





























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