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Dr Element (Bob) Scotland!!



Following the popularity of my Ambush Mongoose Raceway I went ahead and created Satellite Storage. A banshee battle, ambush and race playground.


To make use of space the UNSC would use zero gravity space containers for storage. Unfortunately some tearaway spartans decided it would be more fun to race and destroy the banshees kept there.

Gamertag - Dr Element

Map - Satellite Storage

Gametype - Ambush Airway

Description - Two teams of at least four players (More is better) race and dog fight banshees around and through the storage containers. You score two points per lap, the checkpoints are located at the end of each container. Dedicate some of your team to stay in your teams container and launch ambushes on the enemy banshees racing through using the weapons and turrets provided. You cannot fly through the middle of the outdoor space to take shortcuts, the extreme gavity will tear your banshee apart.

More information and screenshots.....


This is an example of an ambush. There is a few power weapons per container and some dominion turrets. Tip - Make sure the turrets are online and use the plasma pistol to stun banshees, the turrets will have time to keep stunning the banshee, not many survive this.


Another veiw of an ambush area. In this picture all the weapons have been picked up by the team but you will find them on the frames attached to the wall. Tip - There are two gravity elevators and a jump pad to help you reach the upper floor.


A map showing you where everything is.


Please feel free to browse my fileshare and check out my other maps posted here, all are tagged with - Dr Elelemt. Every one of my maps has had hours of testing! Example, destruction derby was created in November, but only now have i released it! If you want to request more of my maps that are in the pipeline but not yet fileshare release worthy, please feel free to message my gamertag!

Hope you enjoy this map and gametype :) Dr Element.

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