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What's up with Brutes?


When I began playing Halo 4, and I learned that I'd be fighting Storm Covenant, a group that split from the main body, I thought "Great, maybe I'll finally get to fight Brutes and Elites at the same time!", but then I saw there were no Brutes in the game at all.


Now, I know that Elites and Brutes hate each other, and that if I happened across a mixed group of them, it'd probably be reminiscent of the Covenant-Flood encounters in Halo: Combat Evolved. But still, I think they easily could have thrown that into the game. Brutes and Elites fighting over which race gets to control the rebellion, if it can be called that. Maybe they will. They certainly have to do something with Brutes in the next two games.


Another idea: After playing through Halo 3: ODST on LASO, one may, as I have, develop an intense desire to visit the Brute home world and utterly destroy their race. I think that'd make a great game, as would so many other things in the Halo Universe. It doesn't even have to be Master Chief. It can be a Spartan-IV, but I'd prefer if you got to play as the Arbiter, or some Elite. The story could be that the Covenant, having overthrown the Prophets and others of their race and beating back the Brutes, were still being raided and harassed by the Brutes, and so they decide to move in on their home planet and eradicate them. However morbid it may be, I'd love to go into a building, find a little three-year old Brute, and smash its face in. ODST on LASO does that to you...


Halo 4 was a fantastic game even without Brutes, let's just not forget they exist.

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